Plum DEV Reference Manual

Plum DEV v. 3.0

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6. Logging

There are two types of logs: DNIS last call logs and session logs. The DNIS last call logs capture only the events from the most recent call to a particular DNIS. The session logs record call statistics and can be used to generate utilization reports.

6.1 Last Call Logs

Entries in the DNIS last call logs use the following format:

Timestamp [module] (sessionID) entry-type: message

6.2 Session Logs

Entries in the session logs are one of three formats:

	calltype ANI channum [timestamp] DNIS sessionID callStart    callEnd callLength
	local    ANI channum [timestamp] DNIS sessionID fetchurl:    startURL
	local    ANI channum [timestamp] DNIS sessionID logTagLabel: logTagExpr