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IVR Personalization Is Not Optional

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Customer Service – Both Art & Science One of the most important things to realize when doing business is that people don’t buy from companies – they buy from other people. When you sit back and think about this it makes sense. It’s easier for one human to connect with another one than it is for a machine. Well, at… Read More

The Netflix Effect & Why Voice Remains Critical For Customer Service In 2017

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The Netflix Effect The world of technology often seems like the fallout from Sherman’s march to the sea where old technologies are left smoldering in ashes in the wake of the latest and greatest. We might even call this the Netflix effect. After all, not many people choose VHS as their primary medium for watching movies these days. Heck, even… Read More

Reward Your Way to Better Call Center Performance

Reward Call Centers

To truly become customer-centric, and service-oriented, takes more than just talk. This should come as no surprise. There is no shortage of good advice available about what to map, measure, consider and do to create better customer experiences. But how can you change company culture to be more customer-centric in a way that’s more meaningful than just talk? And how… Read More

To Bundle Or Not to Bundle: IVR and the Call Center


Whither the Cure-All Nowadays there is a trend towards the consolidation of products and services. In more and more places you see examples of offerings that are trying to do everything. Sometimes consolidating a range of features into a single bundled package makes things better, but that’s only true if you’re going to use all of those features. I believe… Read More

Respond to Customer Complaints in Real Time

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It’s about time. Customers, like everyone else, have a different notion of time than they used to. The internet and mobile devices have done that—we can access the whole world of knowledge with our fingertips, instantly. This also applies to customer complaints. More quickly than ever, customers can lodge complaints against our companies—so fast, in fact, that they can now… Read More

Fast AND Accurate Customer Service

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When thinking about customer service, it’s important consider how the means justify the end. Sure, it’s great to wow a customer, delight them even. But if all of that glitz and glitter doesn’t help them achieve their primary goal—getting information in a timely manner—then it’s more of a hindrance than anything else. They called because they want answer, not because… Read More

Why Your Surveys Should Be Multimodal


Today we communicate through a variety of channels, some of which didn’t even exist a few years ago. We don’t talk on the phone like we used to—we text. We don’t call customer service to complain—we tweet. The only way to reach everyone today is through a variety of channels. Surveys limited to phone or mail can’t reach people everywhere… Read More

Is the Golden Rule Too Simplistic for Customer Service?

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We all know the Golden Rule: treat others how we’d have them treat us. But its not that simple. Which us? The us who’s tired and doesn’t want to deal with other people, or the us who’s energized and chatty? And don’t we all want different things? It’s true companies need to follow the Golden Rule, but they have to… Read More

5 Ways to Personalize Customer Service Communications


Interactions between people and between people and business entities are becoming increasingly technology-based. As people turn to text messages, social media, and automated voice applications it’s critical to remember that those are just tools that enable conversation. No matter what communication medium you use, when customers feel like you’re focused on them as individuals they’re more willing to listen. You… Read More

Automate High Growth…But Wisely


Ask any executive at a rising company (or teenager in the middle of a growing spurt) and they’ll tell you the same thing—growth hurts. It’s positive overall, but it hurts. Automation can help, obviously. With the right technologies, companies can boost and maintain brand value by automating redundant processes, getting better economies of scale and tightening up customer service, et… Read More