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Is DIY Right For You? The Case Of Voice Applications

DIY Blog Image Featured

The do-it-yourself mindset is by no means a new one. Before the uptick in commercials encouraging homeowners to DIY and the prevalence of HGTV shows dedicated to a given room in the house, Bob Vila ruled the DIY world on “This Old House.” As any DIYer will tell you, not all projects are created equally. Sometimes if you have the… Read More

The Easiest Way to Handle Call Spikes

Call Spikes

Needlessly looking for a reason to worry? With the holiday season on the crest of an approaching wave many companies that already do the majority of their customer service over the phone will likely see their call volume swell even higher. Likewise, even companies that favor service options using other communications channels will see spikes to their call volume due… Read More

Why Cloud Infrastructure Needs Dispersed Datacenters


Plum Voice has been providing cloud IVR for over a decade. Over that span of time, this cloud concept—taking care of infrastructure and carriers so our customers don’t have to—has been called many different things. Regardless of whether it you call it cloud IVR, hosted IVR, or outsourced IVR, the simple reality is that somewhere, somehow, there is a real… Read More

Moving to Cloud-Based Services

Plan for moving to the cloud

Cloud services offer infrastructure without administration, predictable costs and lower capital risk. But getting to that promised land from your island of in-sourced headaches involves overcoming three hurdles: moving live data from inside your infrastructure up into the cloud, convincing everyone with security concerns that everything’s going to be alright, and coming up with a smooth transition plan that minimizes… Read More