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 +For ferry tickets that include entry to the Discovery Centre for the penguin feeding please book below now. Combination of 2 days Great Ocean Road, Phillip Island and Mornington tour. Then head over to Churchill Island to learn about the Australian farm lifestyle and the history of Phillip Island'​s importance in Victoria. We drop by the Visitor Information Centre to know more about the little penguins. The faceted ceiling of the proposed Penguin Parade Visitor Centre is derived from a desire to create a primary timber structure.
 +The '​little penguin'​ at only 33 centimetres high, is the smallest penguin species in the world, and the only one that breeds on the Australian mainland. On land little penguins live in holes in the ground known as burrows. But, of course this abstract buyback scheme was decided on in Melbourne, and meant that on Phillip Island, a physical community would soon cease to exist.
 +The centre has a café, toilets and theatrette, plus a shop selling penguin-themed souvenirs and other Australiana. I want to see the penguin parade and the Koala sanctuary. A walk at CAPE WOOLAMAI (7.5 km), a nice walk and relaxing walk first by the beach (declared as National Surfing Reserve) and then into the walking tracks towards beautiful costal viewpoints and the highest point of Phillip Island (Photo Opp Beacon Lookout, The Pinnacles, and wildlife spots).
 +For [[http://​​s=tourists%20watching|tourists watching]] the parade, park rangers build special viewing stands and boardwalks so people would not scare these little creatures. Rangers are trying to calm the crowd, and guide the daily parade of the penguins from the water to their homes. Go West Tours & You, supporting Melbourne'​s homeless. The Penguin Parade is a MUST DO for any trip down to the Island.
 +The Penguin Parade visitor centre helpfully shows how Phillip Island'​s penguins measure up against the Emperor'​s of the penguin world and basically the ones here are not much bigger than pigeons. But close on their cute little heels are the wildlife wonders of Moonlit Sanctuary and Wildlife Conservation Park, and the Koala Conservation Centre on [[https://​​item/​note/​6x53n/​cp8m?​k=045c852238e0e214906e536bf8f5d193|phillip island penguin tours melbourne]] Island.