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 +====== Welcome ======
 +Welcome to Plum Fuse. This site is designed to provide Fuse users with the information they need to learn what the different components of Plum Fuse are and how they function.
 +We recommend watching the videos below, first. This will give users a good general overview of what Fuse is and how it works.
 +==== Introduction Videos ====
 +^           ​Overview of Plum Fuse           ^^
 +| Plum Fuse is a unique and innovative IVR development product.\\ It's designed to allow users to use a visual development workspace\\ to build and manage applications for automated self-service.\\ \\ This video is an introduction to Plum Fuse. Viewers will learn how\\ Fuse differs from other IVR products on the market and the benefits Fuse delivers. | {{vimeo>​241048300?​600x320|Plum Fuse Overview}} |
 +^           Meet Fuse's Modules ​         ^^
 +| Plum Fuse's [[modules|modules]] are what sets it apart from the competition.\\ These are pre-built tools and features that users can quickly and\\ easily connect to create power IVR applications.\\ \\ This video describes each module and provides a brief explanation of its intended use. | {{vimeo>​241194123?​600x320|Plum Fuse Modules}} |
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