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This module collects numeric data. Numbers can be any whole or decimal value. When entering a decimal value the star key (*) functions as the decimal.

If minimum and maximum decimal places are set then any input that does not match will return an error. For example, if the minimum is set to 2 and the maximum to 4, values like 5.4 or 5.49281 would both be invalid.

If the min and max are set to the same number then the input value must be that exact length. For example, if the min and max are both set to 2, then 5, 5.4, and 5.492 would all be invalid input, but 5.49 would be valid.

Important Note: This module differs from the Digits ( ) module. The difference between the two modules revolves around the way that numbers are spoken. For example, “one hundred twenty-nine” is a decimal value, whereas the digit values of that number are one, two, and nine.

Module Settings

  • Barge-In (enabled by default)
  • Enable Speech Input
  • Format As Currency
  • Max Decimal Places
  • Min Decimal Places
  • Private
  • Show Custom Errors
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