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 ====OAuth Tokens==== ====OAuth Tokens====
-If your Fuse+ account has OAuth token(s) ​associated ​with ityou can select the token(s) you would like to use for your Fuse+ apps by clicking the '//Add Token//'​ button.+If your Fuse+ application requires ​OAuth token(s) ​for integrating ​with Stripe paymentthey can be added to your account ​by clicking the '//Add Token//'​ button. 
 +Currently Fuse+ only supports Stripe as a token provider. 
 +\\ Clicking on the '//Add Token//'​ will open up stripe integration for either a Test or Live environment,​ based on the Token Type selected. You will need to log in your stripe account or sign up for a new one in order authorize Fuse+ to accept Stripe payments. 
 +\\ To assigning a token to a deployment (see [[deployments#​creating-a-new-deployment|here]]),​ Stripe will first need to be activated with your account.  
 +\\ Please contact support to enable Stripe integration. 
 ---- ----
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