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 ======Plum Fuse Release Notes====== ======Plum Fuse Release Notes======
 +===Version 7.4===
 +This is a significant Fuse+ upgrade that includes a major update to the Application Manager UI. We've also added a number of new features and squashed a whole lot of bugs. 
 +==Application Manager==
 +The Application Manager now features a folder management system to better organize and manage Fuse+ applications. The features of the folder management system include:
 +  * Folders for applications with corresponding options to add, rename, delete, share, move to.
 +  * Breadcrumbs and file tree information for easier folder navigation.
 +  * Two layout options: grid view or list view.
 +  * Saving user preferences after making a selection. Examples include sorting by app name or save date, showing my apps or all apps, and the layout view (see above).
 +  * Updated search results.
 +  * Added a 'move to' option for apps to easily move apps into folders.
 +  * Added a '​rename'​ option for apps so users can rename apps directly in the Application Manager without needing to open the app first.
 +  * Added the ability to return unique call IDs to the Bulk Queue Call API. Now an additional return value //​call_ids//​ is returned containing an array of the call ID values for the calls queued within that request.
 +  * Updated variable selection in the call-flow editor. Users now have the ability to type to find the variable or select from a dropdown.
 +  * Quicker application removal when deleting large applications. Previously, deleting a large application took a very long time but there was no indication on the frontend UI that the app was being deleted on the backend. Now, the deleted app is immediately removed from the frontend interface to avoid confusion and accelerate the entire process.
 +  * Search for users by name when sharing applications. Previously, a user had to know the email address of the user they wanted to share an app with. Now, users can type in either the email or the name of the desired person to initiate a search for the correct email address.
 +  * Visual indicator for comparison type in Compare module. Previously, the //Compare// module lacked an obvious indicator for the type and would have to look at the type option in the setting menu of the module to find that information. Now, users will see the type (String, Numeric, or Boolean) as the column label.
 +  * Include default language into translations automatically. Default language prompts automatically get added to any non-default language prompts in the prompt manager. We also added a column for default language in the downloaded prompt spreadsheet
 +  * Added a linked docs icon to the call-flow editor that will open the Fuse+ docs in a new tab.
 +  * Update message shown in call logs when the call hangs up abruptly. When a call is connected but then disconnects before the application initiates, there is now a new message in the call log to describe this event: 'Call was interrupted suddenly.'​
 +==Bug Fixes==
 +  * Fixed an issue where deployed apps set to “latest” were not always the latest revision.
 +  * Fixed an issue where a call would drop when a prompt speaks a null variable.
 +  * Updated logging to display dynamic variables correctly.
 +  * Fixed a platform-wide issue with dynamic grammar generation.
 +  * Fixed a bug in the address and name modules where the prompt text field did not show the dotted line indicator when the barge-in option was enabled.
 +  * Updated date/time option to match the other options.
 +  * Updated prompt text when enabling/​disabling ASR.
 +  * Fixed the prompt spreadsheet so that the date module only shows one entry.
 +  * Updated the prompt spreadsheet to remove erroneous blank spaces and rouge punctuation.
 +  * Fixed an issue where the cursor jumped to the beginning of the module when a variable was added/​deleted. Cursor position is now preserved.
 +  * Removed labels (shown as undefined) from the variable list.
 +  * Fixed an issue with copying/​pasting modules.
 +  * Updated //​error.badfetch.500//​ errors so they would play a message (“Unexpected error has occurred”) before disconnecting the call.
 +  * Fixed a bug that may have allowed a user to deploy the same app/​revision to more than one phone number.
 +  * Updated modules to reset //nomatch// and //noinput// counts after successful input.
 +  * When deleting an application that shared the same name with another application,​ both applications would temporarily be removed from the application manager. This won't happen anymore because this bug has been fixed
 +  * Updated selecting engine to automatically select a default voice instead of leaving the voice option blank.
 +  * Fixed an issue where deleting deployments did update in the UI properly.
 +  * Updated the platform to display more detailed webservice error messages in logs.
 +  * Fixed an issue with the tracking dot highlight in the editor tutorial.
 +  * Updated //Numbers// and //Digits// modules to prevent users from inverting max and min settings.
 +  * Updated //Menu// module to restrict DTMF input to digits, * and #.
 +  * Fixed an issue with exporting outbound data.
 ===Version 7.3.7=== ===Version 7.3.7===
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