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The Next Generation of IVR Surveys Has Arrived

Next Generation of IVR Surveys

We are excited to introduce Plum Insight, a contact center VoC platform designed to improve the customer experience in the contact center, making it easy to set up omni-channel voice of the customer mobile, web and IVR surveys for a complete view of the customer’s journey. We have been working diligently; taking comments and feedback from our survey customers to better… Read More

Reward Your Way to Better Call Center Performance

Reward Call Centers

To truly become customer-centric, and service-oriented, takes more than just talk. This should come as no surprise. There is no shortage of good advice available about what to map, measure, consider and do to create better customer experiences. But how can you change company culture to be more customer-centric in a way that’s more meaningful than just talk? And how… Read More

To Bundle Or Not to Bundle: IVR and the Call Center


Whither the Cure-All Nowadays there is a trend towards the consolidation of products and services. In more and more places you see examples of offerings that are trying to do everything. Sometimes consolidating a range of features into a single bundled package makes things better, but that’s only true if you’re going to use all of those features. I believe… Read More

Credit Card Transactions and Fraud Infographic


In the past we’ve written about the security of different payment methods more from the perspective of a customer concerned about keeping their personal information safe. Businesses, on the other hand, need to be concerned not only with keeping their customers’ information safe, but also with preventing fraudulent transactions. While identity theft is certainly no walk in the park, consumers are… Read More

Bring on the Benefits of Hosted IVR


Businesses that move their automated voice applications to the cloud gain a strategic advantage by allowing them to devote time and resources to improving their voice-based customer service instead of spending time and money maintaining complex legacy systems. This frees them to build better caller experiences, personalize automated applications and improve contact center ROI by increasing automation rates and reducing customer frustration…. Read More

What Prepaid Card Companies Need In Call Automation

Call Automation for Prepaid Card Companies

High call volumes, call spikes, repeat calls, and the security needed to handle payment transactions over the phone all combine to make call automation particularly complex for companies in the prepaid card industry. Complex and mission-critical. Getting automation right means putting the customer first so that prepaid companies can maintain brand loyalty by creating a high-quality customer experience. The Voice… Read More