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Bring on the Benefits of Hosted IVR


Businesses that move their automated voice applications to the cloud gain a strategic advantage by allowing them to devote time and resources to improving their voice-based customer service instead of spending time and money maintaining complex legacy systems. This frees them to build better caller experiences, personalize automated applications and improve contact center ROI by increasing automation rates and reducing customer frustration…. Read More

PaaS with a Side of SaaS: Breaking Down the “aaS” Hierarchy

PaaS with a Side of SaaS

Alphabet Soup Studying the New Deal is often an exercise in processing acronyms. More than one university professor has accurately described all the programs created during that period as alphabet soup. Heck, even the president who oversaw the New Deal is referred to by his initials–FDR. Naturally, between the FDIC, WPA, TVA, PWA, AAA, RA, REA, NYA, and CCC, historians… Read More

What is VoIP and How does it Work?

What is VoIP

Part of our Back to the Basics Series. See also: PSTN, SIP Trunking, and Telephony. It turns out there is more than one way to skin a cat. There’s no need to call the SPCA. No one is actually skinning cats here. Not too long ago there weren’t a whole lot of options for making phone calls. That has all changed… Read More

Why Cloud Infrastructure Needs Dispersed Datacenters


Plum Voice has been providing cloud IVR for over a decade. Over that span of time, this cloud concept—taking care of infrastructure and carriers so our customers don’t have to—has been called many different things. Regardless of whether it you call it cloud IVR, hosted IVR, or outsourced IVR, the simple reality is that somewhere, somehow, there is a real… Read More

New SOAP Web Service Tester

SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) Tester

We’re developers, too, so we know how developers want complete control over the design and testing of their new systems. But it’s also nice to save a step here and there during the process. One way they can do that is through Plum’s new SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) Web Service Testing Tool. For those not in the know, SOAP… Read More

Optimize Your IVR, Securely

secure analytics

Historically, it has been very difficult to optimize voice applications—to analyze the granular success of each component and use that data to improve the overall customer experience. It’s been impossible to do it without logging sensitive data. Our vision of a hosted IVR infrastructure has always been: scalable, flexible and extremely fault tolerant. With our new private logging feature, we’ve… Read More

Automate High Growth…But Wisely


Ask any executive at a rising company (or teenager in the middle of a growing spurt) and they’ll tell you the same thing—growth hurts. It’s positive overall, but it hurts. Automation can help, obviously. With the right technologies, companies can boost and maintain brand value by automating redundant processes, getting better economies of scale and tightening up customer service, et… Read More