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About   Matt Jones

Matt Jones is the current CTO of Plum Voice. Before Plum, Matt studied Computer Science and Mathematics at the State University of New York Plattsburgh. During his time there, he interned at Alcan (now Alcoa) and Thin Air Apps (bought by Palm). He joined Plum in 2001 as a junior developer, shortly after graduating.

Over the last decade, Matt has held various key engineering roles in the company. After working up from junior developer, Matt oversaw development of Plum’s core VoiceXML platform. As lead platform engineer, Matt was responsible for getting Plum’s platform VoiceXML-certified.

As head of engineering, Matt oversaw and/or worked on the development of all products at Plum, including Survey, Fuse, DEV and iOn. As CTO, Matt has close control over the direction of the technology Plum builds, focusing on expanding features of the existing product line while adding new technologies.

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Business Logic & Automated Voice Apps: An Introduction

Here at Plum we take user experience very seriously. That’s why we want to help companies that automate phone calls to provide not only great user experiences, but a solution that’s easy to manage as well. Because if your voice applications are easy to manage there is a lot less potential for disruptions in service or errors in the user… Read More

Natural Language Processing: A Financial and Technological Perspective

With the rise of virtual personal assistants, like Siri and Cortana, the way in which they “just work” has started to create a perception that this type of technology should be ubiquitous in all voice applications. This is kind of like how crime procedural TV shows have led to juries expecting “CSI-like” evidence at trials. Let’s face it, sometimes wants… Read More

Adding Voice Biometrics Security is as Easy as A-P-I

It doesn’t take a genius to know that security is critical to successful business operations. Recently we looked at different authentication methods and how to use them. Naturally, as a company that deals in voice communications, it makes sense to highlight the benefits of voice biometrics as a security option. How It Works There are two elements to voice biometrics:… Read More

Optimize Your IVR, Securely

secure analytics

Historically, it has been very difficult to optimize voice applications—to analyze the granular success of each component and use that data to improve the overall customer experience. It’s been impossible to do it without logging sensitive data. Our vision of a hosted IVR infrastructure has always been: scalable, flexible and extremely fault tolerant. With our new private logging feature, we’ve… Read More