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How Much Text-To-Speech Is Too Much For Your IVR?

Original image source When building a voice application one of the first questions you need to answer is: to what degree will you use text-to-speech? Initially, it may seem like a great idea to use text-to-speech (TTS) wherever possible. After all, it’s faster and cheaper to just type out some generic code, right? Here’s the catch. TTS is great! For… Read More

What Is Speech Synthesis or Text-to-Speech?

text to speech

Speech synthesis, or text-to-speech (TTS), is the computer-based creation of artificial speech from normal language text. Not to be confused with recorded audio playback, TTS is computer-generated speech formed from text. How It Works There are two main components of a TTS system: The first is natural language processing (NLP), which converts raw text (including punctuation, abbreviation, numbers and symbols)… Read More