The Key Features You Need to Look for In Your IVR Software

The Cost of Poor Call Containment

For folks in the IVR world, the goal is to keep as many calls contained in the IVR as possible. This is known the as call containment or the automation rate. The higher the percentage of calls contained in the IVR the fewer calls agents have to field.

Unfortunately, legacy IVRs don’t do well when it comes to containment rate. Most companies are lucky if they can get their containment rate as high as 50%. If that number seems a bit low, well… it should. Especially for large enterprises that receive thousands of calls per day.

This chart shows how containment rates affect customer service costs for medium and large enterprises. Here we’re assuming that the companies field 90,000, and 3,000,000 calls per month, respectively. The average cost per call for an agent is $5, so we used that, and we’re assuming an IVR cost of $0.20 per call.

Call Containment Chart

As you can see, a higher containment rate saves a lot of money.

How to Increase Containment Rates?

We’ve discussed containment rates here before, including analog ways to optimize your IVR and how to use diagnostic flow in VoiceTrends to get at the question of how to improve containment rates.

Nevertheless, the reality of IVR is that getting the efficiency you want can be a struggle with a legacy IVR system. And it’s not just because these systems aren’t user-friendly and take a long time to program.

No, legacy IVR systems simply aren’t designed to achieve that type of optimization. Too often, people think of IVR in terms of call routing. Here at Plum Voice, our IVR can certainly do that, but it’s designed to automate entire processes, from start to finish, using real-time data integrations.

Plum lets you expand the capabilities of your IVR so that you can automate more customer inquiries and provide answers faster. And the faster you can help customers the happier they tend to be.

This is what we mean when we talk about balancing high automation with high customer satisfaction: the former leads directly to the latter.

Discover how Plum Voice IVR can help you do more by setting up a demo today.

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