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Since 2000, we’ve been providing companies with reliable solutions to their voice automation needs. Over the years, we’ve learned that there are many, varied use cases for automation. We’ve put together a number of case studies that reflect this diversity to help show you not only what is possible with Plum, but what results you can expect as well.

When it comes to voice automation no matter what industry you’re in if you can think it up, we can help you make it a reality.

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Self-Service Applications

A leading mobile software company uses Plum’s Fuse rapid application development platform to quickly create, manage, and deploy self-service voice applications world-wide.

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Automated Payment Processing

Payment Service Network used Plum DEV to expedite the customer payment process, helping the company to grow scaling their system to support a 400% call volume increase.

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Merchant Services

A National Merchant Services Company extended their payment processing suite with an over-the-phone payment option which was met with rapid adoption, increased revenue, and improved customer satisfaction.

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Expanding Payment Processing Channels

A Major Payment Aggregator was able to quickly build and deploy a voice payment application. Offering a full portfolio of payment options has allowed MPA to win more customers and provide a more comprehensive experience to users and clients.

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Healthcare Payment Processing

A Major Healthcare Payment Processing Company switched to Plum Fuse for access to increased functionality while simultaneously reducing the testing and maintenance time their legacy system had required.

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Insurance Payments Processing

A Major Insurance Company was able to significantly improve its customer service offerings and experience while at the same time cutting costs by shifting from manual to automated payment processing utilizing Plum's PCI-compliant platform.

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Insurance Claims Self-Service

Arrowhead adopted a self-service voice application that allowed customers to check claims and pay bills over the phone resulting in considerable time savings for the company, enabling growth without adding additional customer service personnel.

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Intelligent Call Routing & Automation

A Major Financial Services Company created flexible voice applications to control initial customer interactions, optimizing the caller experience and intelligently routing calls to disparate contact centers based on real-time metrics.

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Store & Dealer Locator

American Tire Distributors (ATD), the largest distributor of tires, custom wheels, and supplies, set out to build a national campaign that would increase phone inquiries, web visits, and store traffic. ATD relies on Plum to help customers connect to local dealers across the country.

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Taxi Locator

1-800-TAXI-USA uses Plum Voice to connect callers with taxi companies across the country through their referral network of locally owned and operated, independent companies, helping to streamline the process of hailing a cab.

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Time & Task Reporting

The Pennsylvania Paper & Supply Company came to Plum to replace an end of life legacy system using first an on-premises system then migrating to the cloud, providing a better employee experience that increased the accuracy of their time and task reporting application.

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FAQ Automation

PNY Technologies is a billion-dollar enterprise, distributing thousands of computer-related products including memory chips and graphics cards. The PNY call center relies on Plum systems for IVR solutions that are robust, reliable, easy-to-modify, and manageable.

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Transcription Audio Recording

MetroScript turned to Plum Voice to provide a secure and reliable IVR platform that facilitated the company’s voice dictation and recording needs.

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Benefits Enrollment

Cummins deployed an IVR system to alleviate the headaches associated with open enrollment. This streamlined operations by providing an easy way to distribute benefit information and automating the collection and entry of data directly to their database.

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Consumer Surveys

InMoment provides cutting edge market research -- accurately, affordably, and in real time. Their goal is to gather feedback on a consumer's experience for clients from the retail and service industries.

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Voice of the Customer Surveys

Second To None came to Plum to add telephone surveys and SMS notifications to its portfolio of Voice of the Customer offerings. These additions helped the company to procure and retain clients, strengthening its position as a leader in its industry.

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Customer Experience Feedback

The Erie Insurance claims division added a voice channel to their feedback program while upgrading to a more automated process. The IVR survey provided actionable data about their customers’ experiences and valuable insights for enhancing customer service.

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