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Major Payment Aggregator (MPA) is a payment processing company transforming the bill pay experience for consumers, billers and financial technology providers. One of MPA's major clients requested adding a voice payment processing option, so MPA collaborated with Plum Voice to quickly build and deploy a new application. Adding the voice channel extended MPA's portfolio of payment options, giving them a strategic advantage within their industry to win more clients and provide a comprehensive user experience.

Company Story

MPA is a payment processing company based in Seattle, Washington. They provide consumers with a simple, secure way to pay all their bills in one place. For billers, MPA's network-driven platform enables online and mobile payments with a simple integration, lower costs and modern features unavailable with legacy bill pay vendors. By making it easier for consumers to pay their bills, billers receive faster payments and need to provide less customer support.


One of MPA's largest clients offered them an exclusive deal to handle all payments. The client requested a voice channel option for consumers to make payments. MPA didn't have this capability and didn't want to lose out on this significant opportunity, so they quickly began researching companies that provide automated payments over the phone.

As a payment processing company, their first criterion was finding a PCI compliant solution. "We quickly found this requirement narrowed our options in the marketplace," said MPA's Director of Product. In addition to PCI compliance, the MPA IT team wanted a hosted solution to avoid the headaches of maintaining an on-premises system.

MPA had a relatively short window to implement and deploy a voice solution. Therefore, their developers needed a platform with simple APIs that could deploy quickly. The MPA team also considered the future of their voice offerings and wanted a feature-rich platform that could handle outbound notifications and SMS messaging campaigns.


Plum DEV (DEV) met all these requirements and was competitively priced, making it the easy choice for building a voice channel for the payment processing system. DEV also allowed MPA to launch its voice channel quickly. 

MPA's team of engineers and developers built their voice application in-house. Within a month, they built the application and delivered it to the quality assurance stage. MPA's Director of Product noted that he received positive feedback from his engineers on the DEV tool. "They noted that the APIs were clear, straightforward and easy to use. There was no griping from our engineers about anything being onerous."

After another month of testing, MPA was ready to go. They went from signing a contract to deploying their voice app in about three months. "I found no other PCI compliant, hosted service that compares to Plum. Not only is it extremely cost-effective and flexible, but its ease of use meant that the time to market exceeded our expectations and helped us meet our client commitments," noted their Director of Product. 

The application they built enabled MPA to do two things: 

  1. Process payments over the phone, and 
  2. Maintain PCI compliance for the voice channel.

Regarding PCI compliance, MPA's Director of Product emphasized, "We don't take it lightly; we take our security very seriously. The fact that Plum Voice's platform is PCI compliant has significant value to us because we never have to worry about the voice parts (DEV) of our solution. When PCI auditors visit, we have no reservations about showing them the applications built on the Plum Voice platform."


“I found no other PCI-compliant, hosted service that compares to Plum. Not only is it extremely cost-effective and flexible, but its ease of use … helped us meet our commitments with our clients.”

MPA Director of Product


Plum Voice's technology and tools have generated several benefits for MPA. MPA's Director of Product noted that they were able to expand their payment portfolio with the introduction of voice-enabled payments over the phone, better positioning them to win new business. Offering a voice channel proved to be a significant differentiator for MPA compared to its competitors. For established customers, the voice channel delivered more value for those who wanted or needed additional capabilities.

When MPA launched its voice channel, it started fielding all its users' voice traffic overnight. While most IT professionals would expect complications with this rapid deployment and usage volume, MPA's Director of Product stated that the system's reliability had been noteworthy. "As a service platform, the PCI compatibility has been impeccable. It's been remarkably stable and solid," he said, "we haven't gotten any complaints from our users, and it's been very reliable for ourselves and our users."

MPA's experience with Plum Voice was so good that it didn't look any further when it came time to build its interactive voice response (IVR) system. The company created an in-house IVR for customer service using the Plum Fuse (Fuse) tool. Before deploying the IVR system, MPA relied on voicemail to process customer inquiries, which proved cumbersome. The questions received were redundant and proved to be ideal for automation. After implementation, the new IVR provides clear, consistent answers to common questions. 

Fuse is easy to use, enabling users to build an IVR in days, not weeks or months. MPA's Director of Product said they built their whole IVR system without engineers or a single hour of developer time, leaving their limited developer talent to work on their core product development. By doing this, they better utilized their human resources to work on what mattered most and provide cost savings to the bottom line.

Looking to the future, MPA plans to add outbound notifications and SMS messaging features to its product portfolio as part of its product roadmap. Since Plum Voice already supports these channels, that was another reason for choosing them as a vendor. Notifications and messaging will allow MPA users greater ease, convenience and access to billing information and payments.


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