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Plum Fuse

Low-Code Programmable GUI Environment

Create IVR Systems or Surveys Fast!

Plum Fuse is an intuitive drag-and-drop, low-code, graphical user interface (GUI) tool that allows developers and non-technical users to create and manage interactive voice response (IVR) systems, virtual agents and conversational AI solutions. Plum Fuse is easy to use and can also handle sophisticated call flows that integrate with your enterprise systems.

  • Fuse Template Center provides access to a library of 37+ Fuse templates
  • Partners and resellers can expand their product offering with their own brand instance of Plum Fuse to increase revenue. Support features include:
    • Domain redirection: Allows for a domain pointer to direct your users to your website.
    • SIP integration: Adds BYOC (Bring Your Own Carrier) capability, allowing you to use your current telco service provider.
    • Customer account management: Grants admin-level account access to manage your own white-label Fuse customer accounts.
    • Branding: Allows theme customizations, including insertion of a custom logo and color palette, based on any style guide details submitted to Plum.

Easy to Use API Integration

With a minimal learning curve, your business can map out the caller experience, build an application and deploy it in a short period of time. When you need some support, Plum Voice has a dedicated professional services team available to help with any issues along the way.


Simple to Complex Scripts

With Plum Fuse, you can quickly build new virtual agents from scratch or use the pre-built templates to get you started, including these:

  • Account Inquiry
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Card Activation
  • Mobile Workforce
  • Outbound Appointment Reminder
  • Payment Reminder
  • Payment Processing
  • Prescription Management
  • Survey (CSAT)

When you need something more complex to complete your IVR build, Plum Fuse gives you access to the Plum DEV tool to build more complex scripts with backend data. There are no limitations with Fuse because you have the best of both coding environments.


Integration Modules

The Plum Voice platform includes modules that support third-party storage services for deployed applications. Plum Voice platform users can set up their own dialog flows with Google Dialogflow, store customer data on a DynamoDB database and upload call recordings to an Amazon S3 storage bucket.


Engaging, Secure and Efficient Voice Agents

Plum Fuse enables your business to replace legacy IVR applications which are costly and require on-site hardware and support. You can now deploy customer facing voice applications in days, not months.


Improve Customer Satisfaction and Increase Containment Rates

By utilizing Plum Voice’s voice automation solutions, businesses can improve CSAT with an average of 80% first call resolution.

Plum Fuse Features


With a drag and drop interface, you can quickly build dynamic voice apps and virtual agents in a low-code environment.


Production-ready application templates that are optimized for best practices to accelerate voice application deployments are available for all customers.


Built with permission structures that facilitate collaboration across technical and non-technical staff, Plum Fuse enables all team members to contribute.


Customize the “sound and feel” of your applications and virtual agents with audio file management.


Plum Voice’s platform is built on a fault-tolerant and scalable cloud architecture which eliminates on-site hardware and support. It is delivered over a Tier 1 telecom infrastructure with built-in redundancy and designed for 99.9% uptime of your voice applications.


VoiceTrends, a data and analytics toolkit, is built into the Plum Voice platform. It gives you actionable data on all your voice apps.


Integrate with any database, CRM, call center suite, or payment gateway using APIs.


Technical support is included with a Plum Voice subscription to ensure customer success throughout their lifecycle.

Plum AI Fusion

AI Fusion simplifies voice processing by accessing multiple leading AI engines such as Nuance, Google, Amazon and IBM to interpret each spoken request. The results are then combined to provide a more accurate and comprehensive understanding of the user's needs.

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