White Papers

Searching for the right business solution and making informed decisions can be time consuming. The Plum Voice team shares their insight and knowledge in these white papers where they cover use cases and best practices for voice automation solutions.

Conversational AI: How It Works and How it Can Benefit Your Business

Conversational AI is the darling of the IVR space these days for its ability to vastly improve customer calls in measurable ways. But how does conversational AI work?

Giving a Voice to Customer Experience

Why IVR is critical to effective CX.

Why Using IVR for Payment Processing Makes Sense

This ebook demonstrates the value that IVR payment processing brings to businesses and how it functions as a critical component in a broader payment processing portfolio.

Improving Healthcare Communications with IVR

Give patients the information they need in a convenient, customer-friendly way.

AI & IVR: Advances, Advantages, and Applications

How to get more from your IVR with AI.

IVR Procurement Guide

If you’re thinking about an IVR solution to automate a customer interaction or business process, but not sure where to start. Learn everything you need to know to be prepared and make an informed decision.

Migrating to Cloud IVR

Use this guide to plan a seamless transition to cloud/hosted IVR. Discover the most common migration concerns and how having the right experts can mitigate those concerns and risks.

An Introduction to the Communications Platform as a Service

The “cloud” is made up of several different technologies. This e-book provides a primer on what those different components are and why a platform optimized for communications is so useful.

A Hybrid Model for Improved Customer Service

Learn how using a multi-source strategy to separate and balance IVR and live-agent processes in the call center adds control and improves ROI.

How to Solve Payment Processing Problems with IVR

Don’t let your phone technology get a bad rap when it comes to payment processing. Avoid frustrating customers and optimize your IVR payment gateway for maximum customer satisfaction with the tips in this e-book.

7 Must-Haves for the Prepaid Card Industry

Interactive voice response handles the bulk of calls in the prepaid card industry. Make sure your system makes the grade with this report that identifies the most critical components for an efficient, secure IVR application.