Integrated Cloud IVR Solutions for SaaS

Enhance communications capabilities in your software by building voice applications into your SaaS products.

The Challenge

The speed and pace of technological evolution poses a challenge for all kinds of companies. Couple this with the need to keep up with cutting-edge competitors, cybersecurity issues, and a changing regulatory landscape it’s harder than ever to stay ahead of the game. At the same time, customers have come to expect retail-like experiences throughout the customer journey. Providing omni-channel customer service that also meshes with your technology needs is a big challenge.

The Plum Solution

The move to omni-channel doesn’t happen overnight. Plum Voice’s cloud IVR solutions provide your SaaS company a logical first step when building out your omni-channel portfolio. Our platform is always available and up-to-date, and APIs make it easy to build secure, advanced, automated voice communications directly into your products. With PCI, HIPAA, and SOC2 certifications you don’t need to worry about security either. Instead, you can focus on building custom apps complement your omni-channel goals and help you expand into new markets, up-sell products to current customers, and generate more revenue from your technology. Schedule a demo to learn more about our apps and our products. Discover the right solution for your needs.

SaaS Modify Pre-built Apps

67% of surveyed technology organizations realized ROI with Plum Voice in 3-6 months

Source: TechValidate

Use Cases and Applications


Build two-factor authentication into any application and ensure account security by using SMS.


Send outbound notification or reminders in real-time using pre-recorded voice and/or SMS to get critical information to people when it matters most.


Allow customers to track the progress of their order or get information about their account with a quick phone call.


Enable a pay-by-phone option right within your application or platform by connecting customers to a fast, secure payment processing option.


Ensure the accuracy, reliability, and security of the time clocks for your mobile workforce. Quickly clock-in and clock-out with a phone call and eliminate backend administrative timekeeping tasks.

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