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Automation has become a part of our daily lives as self-service options are becoming more preferred by customers. Voice automation solutions help businesses of any size to become more efficient, quicker to respond to customer requests and more consistent in customer service delivery while adhering to compliance requirements.

Voice automation has grown beyond finding a contact through a phone tree. It now allows customers to place orders, get account information, refill prescriptions, set appointments and so much more. The possibilities are growing as businesses seek better ways to connect with customers and reduce labor costs in crowded and competitive markets.

By automating common activities with easy-to-use voice applications, you can modernize your customer experience, lower operating costs, keep customer service in-house and improve employee productivity. Find your solution to optimize your buisiness today!

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Improve CSAT with an average 80% first call resolution


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Plum Voice handles millions of calls each day and can scale to need

Descope your contact center from PCI-DSS, SOC2, HIPAA, etc. compliance with virtual  agents

Plum AI Fusion

AI Fusion is a standalone voice processing environment that can access each of the major AI engines - Nuance, Google, Amazon, IBM, etc. - at each instance of a dialog to interpret a single utterance.

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Plum Success Stories

"Since we started onboarding clients in 2016, the Plum support team has been great to work with. They have made the provisioning process quite easy and are very prompt and polite with their responses. Getting to know the names behind the team makes the experience more personal."

Lisa, Vice President of Operations
Payment System Company

"We selected the Fuse product for its ease of use as well as reliability. The setup is very intuitive and can be customized to your business's needs. We like that you can create your own testing environments and deploy immediately. The right tools really do make a difference."

Stephanie R., Vice President of Customer Experience
Utilities Company

"Very flexible, you can make changes in the portal with relative ease, and the changes are made instantly."

Mark Y., Sr. Director of Technical Support
Computer Software Company

"Overall, extremely pleased with Fuse. Along with being easy to use, it allows for a lot of flexibility, allowing for additional JavaScript or VoiceXML if the standard data gathering/processing modules cannot accomplish a client's customized request. This has been a crucial factor for several of our implementations."

Pete C., Integrations Analyst
Financial Services Firm