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Notifications & Reminders

Send Notification Alerts via Phone or Text

Outbound Messaging at the Speed of Business

Be Proactive with Your Customers

Sometimes, you want to proactively push important information to your customers, giving them information before they even know they need it. When something just can’t wait, sending an automated message with an outbound interactive voice response (IVR) call or SMS/ text message can make all the difference in your communications process.

Communicate on Their Terms

Reaching people through their preferred mode of communication ensures that your messages get through. The reliability of Plum Voice’s cloud platform ensures that your messages are delivered every time, no matter when they’re sent. The speed and effectiveness of proactive messaging keeps your customers happy, and helps you prevent issues before they arise.


Reach out to customers in real time using omnichannel notifications and SMS.

Keep customers up-to-date regarding upcoming appointments, account or service changes and time-sensitive information with scheduled or ad-hoc outbound notifications. Improved customer engagement reduces the number of no-show appointments and ensures that important tasks are being completed for a better user experience.

By connecting communication applications to customer information, businesses are able to send personalized messages, custom offers or scannable coupons to customers. Personalization also helps to increase engagement with brand messaging and generates improved outcomes.

Instantly send mass updates via voice/SMS/MMS to thousands of people simultaneously for fast, efficient notifications. Some examples are: utilities informing customers of service outages and providing repair progress updates, schools notifying staff and students of closures, or onsite repair services updating customers of service schedule changes.

Collect immediate feedback after a customer interaction to increase take-rates and obtain more honest, accurate results. Use text messaging or voice survey calls to gather proactive customer feedback quickly and efficiently.