Proactive Outbound Notifications and Reminders Make a World of Difference

Connect with customers in real time

There is so much noise out there between email, social media, and the web that getting customers to engage with your company is a challenge. Low engagement can result in missed buying opportunities, lower sales, and increased customer churn. At the same time, if you have critical or emergency updates for customers or employees you need ways to ensure they receive those communications.

Sending a proactive message or reminder via SMS makes all the difference in the world. A recent survey found that 90% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes of being received. With Plum Voice’s reminders app, you can integrate with your CRM database to send personalized SMS messages. You can also do the same thing with outbound voice calling, using a combination of pre-recorded audio and text-to-speech data.

No matter how you choose to send reminders to your customers the speed and effectiveness of proactive messaging keeps your customers happy and helps to prevent issues before they arise.

Proactive outreach
Proactive outreach & reminders

Keep customers up-to-date regarding upcoming appointments (reducing no-shows) and payment deadlines, account or service changes, and time-sensitive information with custom messages. These can be set up to trigger automatically or on an ad-hoc basis.

Utilize personalization
Utilize personalization

APIs allow the Reminder app to easily connect your CRM. Use this to send personalized messages to individuals that contain custom offers or scannable coupons. Personalization also helps to increase engagement with brand messaging and generates improved outcomes.

Critical updates
Critical updates

Instantly send mass updates to thousands of people simultaneously for fast, efficient notifications. This can be done with any combination of voice, SMS, or MMS messages.

Solicit feedback
Solicit feedback

Use Reminders to solicit feedback from your customers. Doing so right after a customer interaction increases take-rates and provides more honest, accurate data. You can deploy survey with text messaging or voice calls.

Payment Service Network uses reminders to handle 400% call volume increase

Discover how Payment Service Network added reminders to its voice channel to reduce late payments and deliver critical information to customers faster.

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