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Plum Provides Best-in-Class Cloud Communications Platforms

What We're All About

At Plum Voice we care about making your communications better. We do this by providing cloud technology that enables you to automate your mission-critical customer engagement and business processes using real data.

The heart of the Plum cloud consists of programmable platforms that simplify your most complex customer interactions and business processes that take place over the phone for end-users, making them more user-friendly. Easily connect people to the information they need, anytime and from anywhere.

The heart of the Plum Cloud

Our Mission

Plum Voice powers interactive voice response (IVR), call routing, messaging
and voice communications for customers all over the world.

Erie InsuranceAmerican AirlinesAlly FinancialEverlyWellGE HealthcareStripe

Trusted by over 600 enterprises in 150 countries

Our clients range from medium- to large-sized enterprises across a wide variety of industries. We help your business strike the right balance between self-service automation and excellent customer experiences.

Company Highlights:
  • Thousands of Successful, Long-Term Application Deployments
  • Best-in-Class Cloud Communications Platform
  • Significant Scale and Operational Efficiency
  • Rigorous Security and Accredited Infrastructure
  • Redundancy and Disaster Recovery
  • Multi-Lingual Application Development and Global Deployment Options
  • 24x7x365 Support with 100% Uptime Guarantee

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