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Secure Data Transmission Tool

Securely Process Personal Information

Bringing Virtual Agents and Live Agents Together

Plum SecureAssistant (SecureAssistant) is a secure data transmission tool that allows a live agent to collect sensitive and confidential customer information with a PCI compliant virtual agent. The live agent never hears the information being shared when SecureAssistant is activated, preventing data from being captured on insecure recording equipment or through notation and used inappropriately.

With information security being a major consideration for businesses, it can be risky to have callers give their payment and/or personal information over the phone to a live person who may collect, mistype or use it with malicious intent. SecureAssistant allows the caller and the live agent to interact without a tedious back-and-forth conversation and simultaneously provides a business with secure data transmission.

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Security Shield

PCI-DSS Compliance

By masking the collection of personal data, customers are protected from having their information heard, stolen or used inappropriately by a live agent. The business owner has peace of mind because their contact center is de-scoped from PCI-DSS requirements, thus creating PCI-DSS compliance.


How Does SecureAssistant Work?

Once SecureAssistant is implemented into your contact center solution, it works seamlessly between Plum Voice’s platform and your live agent. If a live agent needs to collect sensitive information during a customer call, they can enable the SecureAssistant virtual agent to accept and mask the data collected. The agent can’t hear the information being given, but they can hear and participate in the rest of the conversation with the customer or patient.

Payment Processing

What Type of Personal Information is Ideal to Collect with SecureAssistant?

Any data that needs to be masked or concealed from a live agent - personally identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI) or payment details - to protect a customer or patient is ideal for SecureAssistant. Examples include masking payments details, credit card numbers, social security numbers, birthdates and other sensitive information.

Plum SecureAssistant Features

Security Shield

Information is seamlessly and securely transferred between platforms which reduces the risk of a data security breach. Plum Voice's platform has been PCI-DSS compliant and certified since 2013.

Payment Processing

Customers can easily share personal and payment information via the voice channel with peace of mind that it isn't being compromised by a live agent.


The implementation of SecureAssistant is a small fraction of what it costs to comply with PCI-DSS standards across a contact center and the training of live agents.


While collecting sensitive data, the live agent remains on the line in case assistance is needed. This process reduces average handle times for agents.


SecureAssistant integrates with existing systems, including payment processing and interconnects with multiple major telecom carriers.


SecureAssistant is invoked only when needed, so it gives the live agent flexibility in managing their calls in a natural flow.


Plum Voice’s platform is built on a fault-tolerant and scalable cloud architecture which eliminates on-site hardware and support. It is delivered over a Tier 1 telecom infrastructure with built-in redundancy and designed for 99.9% uptime of your voice applications.


Technical support is included with a Plum Voice subscription to ensure customer success throughout their lifecycle.

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