Insurance Claims with Less Stress

An always available, always helpful, and always fast IVR solution for insurance.

The Challenge

Like many other industries, insurance companies face the challenge of keeping up to date with ever-changing customer expectations. It is said that more than 70% of customers expect businesses to adjust communications and services based on knowledge gained from previous customer interactions. Customers also want a low effort insurance shopping experience that includes self-service options. This trend will only continue to grow as millennials replace baby boomers as the primary buyers of insurance.

The Plum Solution

Oftentimes, the claims process can be stressful for people because they’ve recently experienced some type of loss. Therefore, it’s important to provide helpful and reassuring communications through every channel, including automated voice. PlumVoice’s insurance IVR solutions help you to provide your customers with a positive experience when they need it most. This can help reduce stress during their claims process. Plum’s IVR applications enable you to provide fast, transparent service that resolves customer issues quickly.

Use Cases and Applications


Ensure transparency in the claims process and let customers with active claims check the status of those claims anytime, anywhere.


Give customers ’round-the-clock access to paying their insurance premiums. Combine this with an app for proactive billing notifications to reduce late payments.


When customers are unsure about their policy coverage, use this app to get them the information they need.


Automate the information collection process for people looking for a quote on a new insurance policy.

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