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Insurance Claims with Less Stress

Build an automated cloud IVR solution that your insurance customers can appreciate.

Comprehensive Insurance Customer Service

From obtaining quotes, filing claims, or paying bills, insurance customers have no shortage of critical tasks that require contacting their providers. All these business processes can be automated and presented to customers as self-service options over the phone.

Backed by industry-leading, hosted telephony infrastructure, insurance companies use the Plum communications platform to power intelligent virtual agents (IVAs) and outbound notifications applications that simplify common tasks and processes. By serving customers quickly and efficiently, automated self-service ensures customer satisfaction and provides ROI.


Ensure transparency in the claims process and let customers with active claims check the status of those claims anytime, anywhere. IVAs with conversational AI can do even more when customers need to submit or dispute claims.

Payment Processing

Let customers pay their premiums quickly and effortlessly over the phone with IVR automation. Automating these processes dramatically improves efficiency by freeing agents to handle more complex issues. Use outbound voice and SMS messaging to notify customers of upcoming or past due payments.

Policy Information

When customers are unsure about their policy coverage, use Plum’s cloud IVR application to get them the information they need.


Use conversational dialogues to automate the information collection process for people looking for a quote on a new insurance policy.

Surveys and Feedback

Using phone surveys not only helps to evaluate the effectiveness of your customer service, but aid customer retention efforts, too. Surveys let you gauge customer interest in new products and services, and determine where to improve. Surveys also provide immediate feedback about customer concerns, making it easy to quickly follow up and resolve problems.

Security Shield

Plum offers PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant solutions, providing the type of security for personal data that insurance customers expect. Building additional security measures into applications, improves security, and strengthens customer trust.


Integrating an automated calling system with customer data allows for unlimited personalization options. APIs link Plum technology to your CRM and databases. Combine integrated data with robust features that offer customers intuitive self-service options based on recent activity.

350% Savings and More Time for High-Touch Customer Service

Using agents to process payments prevented one national insurance company from providing the high-touch customer service it wanted to. Learn how they used Plum’s IVR platform to automate payments over the phone, reducing costs 350%, and how that also meant more time for agents.


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