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Customer Self-Service Applications

Comprehensive Customer Service for Insurance

From obtaining quotes, filing claims or paying bills, insurance customers have no shortage of critical tasks that require contacting their agents and providers. These business processes can be automated and presented to customers as self-service options that can be completed over the phone.

Insurance companies use the Plum Voice communications platform to power interactive voice response (IVR) systems, intelligent virtual agents (IVAs) and outbound notifications applications to simplify common tasks and processes. By serving customers quickly and efficiently, automated voice self-service ensures improved customer satisfaction, faster response time and increased ROI.



Integrating an automated calling system with customer data allows for unlimited personalization options. This can be achieved by using Plum Fuse or Plum DEV to create voice applications. These voice applications easily link to a CRM and/or databases through APIs that allow a business to program automated responses that will answer FAQs and other common account inquiries.


Secure personal data, and strengthen customer trust, with Plum Voice’s PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant solutions that build additional security measures into applications.

Build an automated cloud IVR solution that your insurance customers can appreciate and will ease their worries.

Ensure transparency in the claims process  by giving customers 24x7 access to their claim’s status. Integrate conversational AI into the IVAs, and you can elevate a customer’s experience when they need to submit or dispute a claim.

Have a customer’s policy coverage information available 24x7 with a quick phone call. Take a customer’s worry away from waiting for an agent or office staff to respond during closed hours.

Enable customers to pay their premiums quickly and effortlessly over the phone with an IVR system, instead of a live agent, and dramatically improve your operational efficiency.

Use outbound voice and SMS messaging to notify customers of upcoming or past due payments. Help them to help themselves with automated reminders.

Utilize conversational dialogues to automate the information collection process for customers seeking a quote on a new insurance policy.

Phone surveys can help you evaluate the effectiveness of your customer service, gather customer feedback, aid in customer retention efforts, gauge customer interest in new products and services and determine improvement opportunities.

350% Savings and More Time for High-Touch Customer Service

Using live agents to process payments was preventing one national insurance company from providing their high-touch customer service. Learn how they used Plum’s IVR platform to automate payments over the phone, reducing costs 350%, and create more time for live agents to do other tasks.

Plum Fuse Templates

Plum Fuse, an intuitive drag and drop, low-code, Graphical User Interface (GUI) tool, gives users access to a library of prebuilt templates for voice applications in the Fuse Template Center. Users can choose the appropriate template to build a voice application for their business needs, then customize it to be unique to their brand and business operations.

Templates applicable to this industry include:

  • Account Inquiry
  • Account Inquiry (Dialogflow)
  • Account Inquiry ASR
  • Insurance Open Claim
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