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Chatbots with Conversational AI

Chatbots for Customer Support

Engage with Customers

Plum Chat is a chatbot tool that enables customers to communicate, self-service, self-heal and obtain support in their preferred communication channels - WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM and Twitter DM.

Customers will get the benefit of chat-based assistance and guidance through a virtual agent or a live agent.

Automated Chatbot to Support Live Agents

With Plum Chat, the business utilizes one single platform to set up, configure, integrate and manage a chat in all available channels. This supports live agents who can use one common interface to communicate with customers in a variety of channels. This makes a live agent's job more efficient, enjoyable and time effective because they don't have to switch between platforms.

Reduce Operational Costs with the Plum Message Tool

The interactions handled through the Plum Chat tool cost a fraction of what a live agent conversation with a customer would typically cost. By augmenting live agents with a chatbot option, businesses can cut operational costs, improve communication workflows and see a rise in customer satisfaction.

Chat Interface - General

Plum Chat Services

Conversational AI

Manage incoming chats regarding the most commonly asked questions such as product details, store hours, promotions, specials, etc. with a programmatic API and IVR system.

Use chat messaging to communicate with customers through platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook,  Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, business websites and other native apps. Utilize all forms of media content, inclusive of video/audio, to optimize the smart features of each channel.


Use conversational AI bots and data collection software from Plum Voice to process chat data and intelligently communicate back to optimize user experience, enhance customer support and increase revenue.


Handle complex customer questions that need to be answered by an actual person through a live agent chat desk, along with live agent handover. A scalable, secure chat desk solution can be customized with the ability to solve complex configurations.


Customize enterprise chat-based business communication and voice automation solutions on the Plum Voice platform.

On average, chatbots have a customer satisfaction rate of 87.5%, according to G2.




  • Omni-channel service
  • IVA can facilitate self-service, self-heal, digital fulfillment, conversational commerce and support
  • Bots can be dialog scripted, conversational AI driven or a combination of both
  • Fully customizable user intents and flows
  • Easily integrates into any system with an API
  • Fully supports all types of media
  • Fully supports all channel feature experiences
  • Easily integrates into AI platforms for NLU and NLP
  • Works elegantly with RPA technologies to augment the user experience
Chat Bubbles

Chat Desk

  • Enterprise grade chat-based contact center solution which scales functions and features to the client’s specific size and requirements
  • Comprehensive permission set to configure and manage different resources and feature accessibility within the Chat Desk
  • Powerful chat interface with advanced time saving features such as speech-to-text, personalized canned messages, the ability to bring in colleagues, specialists and managers in side-bar conversations, group chats to facilitate collaborative  conversations, transfer chats to any user or department and the ability to break-out to audio, video and telephony-based support
  • Comprehensive reporting interface that includes general service metrics, surveys and results, categorization of chats and a fully searchable historic chat list

Use Cases

Answering Frequently Asked  Questions

Appointment Setting

Making Reservations

Resetting a Password

Reviewing an Order

Processing a Payment

Digital Fulfillment

Conversational Commerce

Deliver Rich Media

Customer Self Healing

Customer Self Service