Voice Automation Solutions

Remote Workforce Reporting

Automate Interactions with your Remote Workforce

Ease and Convenience

Voice self-service gives employees an easy, convenient way to log hours or record time-sensitive events outside of the office. Gone are the days when communicating time and task information with your mobile employees required paper-based, manual processes which were susceptible to human error and hard to manage.

Secure Platform that Meets Compliance Standards

Hosted voice automation applications running on Plum Voice’s secure and scalable platform can comply with electronic verification and compliance standards. Using secure application code, you can easily integrate your company’s backend databases, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual entry, and avoid the potential for fraud.

Use your voice channel to maintain an efficient and effective mobile workforce, and the record-keeping that goes along with it.


Intelligent virtual voice agents allow you to modernize IVR applications for time card and task report solutions. They can also facilitate other ways to make your business more efficient.

Connecting voice applications to the backend of business databases enables employees to send and receive critical information directly, reducing operational errors.

Eliminate time-consuming manual processes, like data entry or transcribing employee handwriting, which are performed by office workers.

Scale your business activities without having to increase overhead or hiring additional employees.

Enable prompt voice recording of hours and tasks to reduce the risk of fraudulent timekeeping or other mistakes that directly affect accounting practices.


Pennsylvania Paper Sees 1000% ROI with Automated Time & Task Reporting

When the Pennsylvania Paper & Supply Company switched to automated time ​​​​​​​and task reporting, the company was able to scale its operations and improve efficiency across the board.