Conversational AI and IVR System Case Studies

Businesses automate their voice channels in various ways to create self-service solutions. Discover how they have partnered with Plum Voice to innovate their processes for better efficiency, workflow and cost savings.



Growing and Discovering New Ways to Engage People Using the Power of the Voice

The Voice Library (TVL) provides a unique service that connects individuals with private audio recordings made by friends and loved ones. Tapping into the power of the human voice required a consistent and reliable way to record and then to access those recordings.



OSG Uses Plum Professional Services, Sees 90% Adoption of IVR Technology

OSG teamed up with Plum Voice to build its IVR payment application. This allowed OSG to deploy a custom application, and the Fuse platform also made it quick and easy for the OSG team to clone and tweak IVR applications for new clients.

Major Financial Services Company Achieves 90% Automation Rate

Controlling customer interactions with automation helped one prepaid company automate 90% of its incoming calls. This helped improve their overall customer service offerings and delivered better customer experiences.



Healthcare Company Simplifies IVR Testing and Accelerates Development with Plum Fuse

A healthcare payment processing company spent a lot of time fixing and testing their code-based IVR solution. Switching to Plum Fuse and its easy-to-use interface meant they could update and test changes in minutes, saving tons of time and money.



Erie Insurance Uses Plum Voice IVR Surveys to Improve Customer Retention and Customer Satisfaction

Learn how Erie Insurance uses voice surveys to gather critical information about its customer service and then uses that information to drive positive change.

Insurance Company Chooses Plum Voice to Reduce Payment Processing Costs 350%

An insurance company with customers nationwide switched to automation from manual payment processing, resulting in 89% call containment rate and 350% annual cost savings. Find out how they did it.


Packaging Solutions

Pennsylvania Paper Uses Plum Voice for 1000% ROI on Time and Task Reporting

When the Pennsylvania Paper & Supply Company switch to automated time ​​​​​​​and task reporting the company was able to scale its operations and improve efficiency across the board.


Payment Processing

EML Achieves 85% Call Containment Rate on Prepaid Card Balance Inquiries with Plum Voice

Prepaid card company EML uses Plum apps to handle routine customer inquiries. Discover how the company uses automation to achieve 85% call containment and high customer satisfaction.

Payment Processing Company Generates More Revenue, Improves CSAT with Over-the-Phone Payments

A merchant services company uses Plum Voice to add over-the-phone payments to its payment gateway and sees rapid adoption and revenue growth.

Adding Phone Payment Channel Wins Payments Company More Business

Banks and other finance-based companies use Plum to securely automate processes for their voice channel and to offer round-the-clock access to customer information. Discover how one company used Plum to help expand into new financial markets.


Research & Analytics

Second to None Adds Plum Voice Technology to VoC Portfolio to Gain a Competitive Advantage

Second to None uses Plum Voice to make its market research communications more flexible, reliable, and secure, which gives the company a competitive advantage.


Technology Gets Their Clients Found with Xtreme Locator integrated their locator application, Xtreme Locator, with Plum Voice’s VXML DEV tool to create a solution that enabled finding brick-and-mortar locations via the voice channel.

Leading Mobile Software Company Uses Plum Fuse to Create, Manage, and Deploy Voice Applications

Discover how a major global software company (MSC) improved their customer service offerings without sacrificing developer resources.

Aerospace Engineering Company Uses Voice Surveys to Power Emergency Notification System

A Fortune 500 aerospace engineering company uses survey apps from Plum Voice to power the voice channel of its emergency employee accountability system.