Conversational AI and IVR System Case Studies

Businesses automate their voice channels in various ways to create self-service solutions. Discover how they have partnered with Plum Voice to innovate their processes for better efficiency, workflow and cost savings.


Business Services

Second To None Expands VoC Portfolio on a Reliable Cloud Platform

Second To None, a customer experience research and analytics agency, added telephone surveys to its VoC product offerings before expanding its services to include voice recording and SMS notifications. The reliability and scalability of Plum Voice’s platform and tools made it easy to migrate their solutions from an on-premise system to a cloud platform. These additions have helped Second To None procure and retain clients while strengthening its position as an industry leader.



Audio Recordings Extend the Power of Voice in On-Demand Storytelling

The Voice Library is a secure audio and photo cloud platform that enables customers to create a personalized voice recording library and securely share it with others. This service requires a consistent and reliable way to record and retrieve audio recordings for playback. TVL utilized the Plum DEV tool to create their voice applications and housed them on their platform.



One-Click Cloning Feature Deploys Payment Processing IVR Systems Fast

Everview enhanced its payment solution stack by adding an IVR option. They teamed up with Plum Voice to build a custom IVR payment application with the Plum Fuse tool, making it quick and easy for their team to clone and tweak IVR applications for new clients. Everview saw a 90% adoption rate of the IVR technology by new clients, and those clients saw an 80% reduction in manual labor requirements.

Major Financial Services Company Achieves 90% Automation Rate

A major Financial Services Company wanted better control of the incoming call flow and custom service response to improve and optimize the customer experience. MFSC created applications using Plum DEV that automated customer integrations and intelligently routed calls to various contact centers based on real-time call flow metrics. MFSC also used the VoiceTrends toolkit to make actionable decisions based on collected call data to improve the customer experience.​​​​​​​



Payment Processor Accelerates IVR Development and Simplifies Testing

A Major Healthcare Payment Processing Company needed an easy-to-manage IVR system. The company switched from a code-based, legacy IVR system to Plum Voice’s Plum Fuse GUI tool, which lives on the fault-tolerant and scalable cloud Plum Voice platform. By doing this, they could deploy a new cloud-based IVR application in weeks instead of months, providing quick-to-deploy features while reducing testing and maintenance time.



Phones Survey Option Improves Customer Retention and Satisfaction

The Erie Insurance claims division needed to upgrade its customer feedback program from a manual to an automated process, so Erie added a voice channel to its customer survey process. The new phone survey, powered by Plum Insight, provided Erie with actionable data that informed the company about their customers’ claims experiences. This information also gave valuable insight for enhancing customer retention, improving customer service and sales procedures and educating customers on their coverage.

Insurance Company Reduces Payment Processing Costs by over 350%

A high-volume call center at a Major Insurance Company used live agents to process payments over the phone manually. The company chose the Plum DEV tool to build an IVR system that automated phone payments. Using voice automation and the VoiceTrends analytics toolkit, MIC achieved an 89% call containment rate for payment calls, which resulted in a 350% cost reduction and streamlined customer experience.


Payment Processing

EML Achieves 80% Call Containment Rate on Card Balance Inquiries

EML provides clients with a range of payment technology options, including prepaid card solutions. They needed a way to streamline card balance inquiries, so they turned to Plum Voice to build an IVR system. This voice channel solution has enabled EML to offer IVR applications in multiple languages using a secure, PCI-compliant cloud platform. EML has achieved an IVR containment rate of 85% that reduced client support representative call volumes while delivering fast, efficient customer service to end users.

Merchant Services Increases Revenue by Adding IVR to Product Suite

A National Merchant Services Company partnered with Plum Voice to enhance its comprehensive payments solutions suite by providing an IVR option. NMSC customers rapidly adopted this product addition, and it improved their overall customer satisfaction. The company uses the Plum Voice platform to handle over-the-phone payments securely and the Plum DEV tool to design and deploy the IVR systems.

Payment Processor Expands Portfolio with Automated Phone Payments

Major Payment Aggregator is a payment processing company transforming the bill pay experience for consumers, billers and financial technology providers. One of MPA's major clients requested adding a voice payment processing option, so MPA collaborated with Plum Voice to quickly build and deploy a new application. Adding the voice channel extended MPA's portfolio of payment options, giving them a strategic advantage within their industry to win more clients and provide a comprehensive user experience.


Remote Workforce Reporting

IVR System Improves Time and Task Reporting for Remote Employees

The Pennsylvania Paper & Supply Company needed a new IVR system to record time and task information for remote workers. Plum Voice provided the reliability and features the company needed to build an IVR that provided a better employee experience, scalability, and increased accuracy for time and task reporting. After implementing the new IVR system, After implementing the new IVR system, PPS experienced a 1000% ROI on time and task operations.


Technology Gets Their Clients Found with Xtreme Locator

When a sizeable Australian manufacturer needed a way to manage heavy call volume from customers looking for local dealers, they turned to They needed to reduce the call load on their operators, taking them away from other essential tasks. integrated their locator application, Xtreme Locator, with Plum Voice’s VXML tool, Plum DEV, to create a voice solution enabling customers to locate brick-and-mortar stores quickly.

Mobile Software Company Deploys Global Self-Service System

A major global software company wanted to improve its customer service offerings without sacrificing developer resources. They chose Plum Fuse to build their self-service application and IVR system. The company was able to streamline IVR development and increase its control over its telephone channel without adding new code bases. Plum Fuse’s multi-language support and cloning feature enabled the company to develop and deploy voice applications worldwide.

Aerospace Company Utilizes Voice Surveys in Employee Emergency Accountability System

An aerospace engineering company uses an employee emergency accountability system to track employees during a crisis event. The omnichannel communications systems consist of voice, SMS messaging and email. They chose the Plum Insight survey tool to create a voice channel solution. The survey application provides reliable communications and granular data and is a backup for other channels used in this system.