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Automate Patient Communications & Reminders

Improve Revenue Cycle Management

Empowering Patients

Interactions between medical providers, payers and patients are sensitive and private in nature. Therefore, you want a communications platform that provides the reliability and flexibility of consistently delivering important information in a secure, accessible and reliable way.

Focus on Patient Care, Not Repetitive Tasks

Intelligent virtual agents (IVAs) are an automated version of a live customer service agent that automate repetitive and simple business workflows for improved operational efficiency and cost savings. IVAs can aid healthcare organizations in streamlining the most common activities that front office employees handle over the phone from appointment setting and reminders to taking payments.

An IVA is created by adding conversational AI to an interactive voice response (IVR) system. IVAs lead an intelligent conversation with customers, respond to their questions and perform adequate non-verbal behavior to guide and respond to customer requests. IVAs can also sense heightened emotion or frustration and transfer a patients to a live person to keep their needs first and foremost.

By automating repetitive tasks, IVAs allow the front desk and billing department employees to attend to patient care and other more meaningful tasks. See an improvement in patient outcomes when the focus is placed on them and not the paperwork, scheduling and payment tasks related to their visit. Enhance revenue cycle management by reducing readmissions through self-guided reminder calls pre-surgey and surveys post-surgery.

Reducing No-Shows and Intelligent Scheduling

According to VentureBeat article, AI will use insurance coverage, diagnosis, location, availability, and cancellation risk factors to optimize scheduling workflows. Innovative companies will use this data to fill costly gaps from last-minute cancellations — intelligent systems will reach out to waitlisted patients based on the predicted likelihood to respond. Solving this problem will reduce the 20.6 day average wait to see a physician by 25%. Find more in Forrester's report, Predictions 2023: Artificial Intelligence,

Precision Nudging

Noted in a Forrester blog focused on precision nudging, Missed appointments (no-shows) are costly and operationally inefficient for health systems. In the US, the annual cost for no-shows is estimated at $150 billion. Nudging patients with reminders can help avert no-shows, reduce the administrative burden, and lower costs. Forrester defines precision nudging as: The act of notifying or sending a message that prompts action by the patient to overcome patient-specific barriers to action at the right time and place for scalable, sustained behavior change.

Plum Voice can help you with precision nudging. If you want to make outbound reminder calls or provide inbound payment apps, Plum Voice has the API/ delivery mechanism needed for such notifications.

Healthcare Industry

HIPAA- and PCI-Compliance

Plum Voice understands that complying with HIPAA and PCI standards is not an easy task to be taken lightly. We built our cloud infrastructure to meet these security standards and have gone through rigorous audits to achieve PCI-DSS, SOC2, and HIPAA compliance, as well as being a Visa Verified vendor.

This makes it easier for healthcare staffs to share sensitive information - test results, appointment reminders, billing information, etc. - and take payments over the phone with confidence and ease.

HIPAA Compliance

  • There is no electronic protected health information (ePHI) stored within Plum Voice's secure cloud environment. All ePHI that we transmit as a result of delivering our IVR services within our secure cloud environment is treated as confidential and private.
  • Access to network equipment and systems within the Plum Voice secure cloud environment is provided only to authorized Plum Voice employees within our operations team. These systems and network devices can be accessed only via two-factor authentication.
  • Plum Voice does not share any patient or provider information with any of our vendors, clients, partners, contractors, or temporary or part-time employees.
  • Plum Voice has a designated Information Security Officer who has the responsibility for the development and implementation of Plum Voice’s information security policies, procedures, and technology.
  • Plum Voice has established secure audit logging and tracking mechanisms that document any access to the secure cloud environment. Plum Voice has established training programs focused on privacy policies to inform employees on the handling of electronic protected health information data as required by HIPAA protocols.

Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance

  • Plum Voice has achieved Level 1 compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).
  • Plum Voice’s Level 1 compliance designation is certified by an approved Qualified Security Assessor (QSA).
  • Plum Voice systems are scanned externally by an Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) every 90 days to ensure there are no vulnerabilities.
  • Plum Voice systems are also subjected to an external network penetration scan to ensure that access is not easily allowed into the secure environment.

Quickly and easily connect healthcare providers and patients to the information they need with voice automated solutions

Use Cases

Paying medical bills over the phone through a PCI-DSS compliant platform ensures that transactions are safe and secure. As one of the most common call types handled by the front desk, automating payments improves the efficiency of the entire office.

Utilize outbound SMS text messaging to notify patients about upcoming appointments, offer automated re-scheduling options for missed appointments or send payment reminders. This proactive approach to communications results in fewer missed appointments and delinquent payments.

Medical facilities and practices that deploy automated patient surveys can capture critical feedback about patient satisfaction. Researchers can also benefit from IVR software to collect data from clinical trial subjects, reducing the frequency of office visits.

Healthcare professionals in the field can record time and task information with an IVR system. This reduces paperwork and streamlines data input which improves employee efficiency in the field and in the office.

Customers can refill their prescriptions 24/7 through an automated phone system. Pharmacies can then send real-time notifications when the prescription is ready. If there’s an issue with the order, a message can be sent requesting more information.

Automate appointment management for 24/7 access over the phone to schedule new, look up existing or cancel appointments. Conversational AI can even facilitate appointment rescheduling.

Medical information and test results can be attached to a patient’s medical record as a voice recording then delivered to the patient as pre-recorded audio or text-to-speech. If  the patient has questions after receiving their results, conversational AI can answer non-advisory questions or callers can connect directly to the healthcare provider.

Enable patients to search and directly connect via phone with healthcare providers using parameters such as patient phone number, ZIP code and insurance type.

Plum Fuse Templates

Plum Fuse, an intuitive drag and drop, low-code, Graphical User Interface (GUI) tool, gives users access to a library of prebuilt templates for voice applications in the Fuse Template Center. Users can choose the appropriate template to build a voice application for their business needs, then customize it to be unique to their brand and business operations.

Templates applicable to this industry include:

  • Appointment Reminder (Outbound)
  • Appointment System
  • Electronic Visit Verification
  • Mobile Workforce
  • Outbound Notification - Prescription Pickup
  • Patient Survey (Outbound)
  • Prescription
  • Prescription Notification (Outbound)
  • Survey - CSAT
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