IVR Software: Your Rx for Healthy Communications

Providing critical health information is as easy as picking up the phone.

The Challenge

Healthcare is one of many industries that recognizes customer satisfaction as key to success in a highly competitive landscape. Patients want more than care and treatment these days. They expect their experience to be seamless, transparent, and convenient. It’s crucial for healthcare providers to understand the pain-points patients experience through the various stages of their healthcare journey and to explore ways to address those issues using the best technology available. One of the major pain-points in a patient’s journey is managing appointments. Many patients find it challenging to schedule appointments.The problem escalates as patients need to see multiple doctors. Patients face the same problem in the follow-up process as they become busy and forget about follow-up appointments.

The Plum Solution

Plum’s automated IVR applications offer HIPAA-compliant communications that deliver the five-star experience patients expect, with the security healthcare providers need. Reduce the number of things your staff need to do so they can focus more on patient outcomes. Automate processes like test results, appointment reminders, payments, and more. Give patients more control over their healthcare, establish greater transparency, and eliminate pain-points through their customer journey.

100% of surveyed healthcare organizations partnered with Plum Voice to combat challenges with supporting higher uptime SLAs.

75% of surveyed healthcare organizations rated Plum Voice’s Account Management team as 5 out of 5 stars

Source: TechValidate

Use Cases and Applications


Allow patients to easily schedule visits or follow-up appointments, or to make changes to standing appointments while on the go.


Reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations with proactive patient reminders.


Allow patients to get test results in real-time over the phone. Combine this app with an outbound notification app for when results are ready for fast, transparent patient communications.


Quickly find critical medical equipment anywhere in your facility, in real-time with a simple phone call.


Enable in-home caregivers to quickly and easily log their hours. Reduce administrative workloads and improve data accuracy with automated voice apps.


Give patients the option to provide feedback about their experiences with your facilities and medical providers.

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