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Connect Doctors and Patients with Information Quickly and Efficiently

Interactions between medical providers and their patients are sensitive and private in nature. Therefore, you want a communications platform that provides the reliability and flexibility of consistently delivering important information in a secure, accessible and reliable way. Plum Voice intelligent virtual agents (IVAs) powered with conversational AI can aid your healthcare organization in streamlining the most common activities that your front office handles over the phone.

For example, Plum Fuse is a low-code developer tool that enables your team to create and manage IVAs which automate business workflows for better efficiency and cost savings. IVAs can help your staff share sensitive information, and your patients securely pay their medical bills, over the phone on a HIPAA- and PCI-compliant platform.

Healthcare Industry

Leverage automation and conversational AI to quickly and easily connect healthcare providers and patients to the information they need, while meeting HIPAA compliance standards to ensure patient privacy and data security.

Paying medical bills over the phone through a PCI-DSS compliant platform ensures that transactions are safe and secure. As one of the most common call types handled by the front desk, automating payments improves the efficiency of the entire office.

Utilize outbound SMS text messaging to notify patients about upcoming appointments, offer automated re-scheduling options for missed appointments or send payment reminders. This proactive approach to communications results in fewer missed appointments and delinquent payments.

Medical facilities and practices that deploy automated patient surveys can capture critical feedback about patient satisfaction. Researchers can also benefit from IVR software to collect data from clinical trial subjects, reducing the frequency of office visits.

Healthcare professionals in the field can record time and task information with an IVR system. This reduces paperwork and streamlines data input which improves employee efficiency in the field and in the office.

Customers can refill their prescriptions 24/7 through an automated phone system. Pharmacies can then send real-time notifications when the prescription is ready. If there’s an issue with the order, a message can be sent requesting more information.

Automate appointment management for 24/7 access over the phone to schedule new, look up existing or cancel appointments. Conversational AI can even facilitate appointment rescheduling.

Medical information and test results can be attached to a patient’s medical record as a voice recording then delivered to the patient as pre-recorded audio or text-to-speech. If  the patient has questions after receiving their results, conversational AI can answer non-advisory questions or callers can connect directly to the healthcare provider.

Enable patients to search and directly connect via phone with healthcare providers using parameters such as patient phone number, ZIP code and insurance type.

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