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Automate Patient Communications & Reminders

Improve Revenue Cycle Management

Healthcare facilities - hospitals, clinics, physician offices, imaging centers, test sites, etc. - are seeking efficient business practices to save time and reduce operational costs, but that isn't their only struggle. They must also keep sensitive interactions between medical providers, payers and patients private and secure.

They require reliable, automated processes that adhere to HIPAA compliance standards to bring all these needs together. Many healthcare organizations and providers have aging or outdated systems that need to be replaced or modernized.

This isn't a simple task as new systems require monetary investment, time and human resources. With the aid of a development company or consultant, they can create an actionable plan with the latest technology enhancements.

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Improve Employee & Patient Satisfaction

Healthcare is multi-faceted and needs a steady and gentle hand to provide the best care to all involved. That's where automation steps in. It can relieve the stress of repetitive and mundane tasks, allowing employees to tend to patient care with compassion and kindness. This has also been proven to boost employee productivity and retention.

Automation also gives patients a selection of omnichannel communication options to better dialog with their provider, set appointments and pay their bills. This enhances their overall patient experience and saves them time.

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Securely connect healthcare providers and patients to sensitive information.

Future Trends of Generative AI in Healthcare

The generative AI landscape is changing daily. The healthcare industry is engaging with generative AI to create new applications that enhance patient care and reduce stress on the caretakers. Here are a few healthcare-specific applications that are emerging in the marketplace:

  • Extract and digitize medical documents more efficiently
  • Improve personalized medicine and therapeutics by organizing more medical, lifestyle and genetic information
  • Save time and help summarize complex information with intelligent transcription
  • Improve patient engagement through customized recommendations
  • Send medication reminders
  • Track symptoms better

With these new advances in AI technology, the healthcare industry is seeing benefits from saving money to enabling better and more consistent patient care. Caretakers can now spend more time with patients when common or tedious tasks - remote patient monitoring to developing drugs - are automated.

Precision Nudging

Plum Voice can help you with precision nudging. Missed appointments (no-shows) are costly and operationally inefficient for health systems. In the US, the annual no-show cost is estimated at $150 billion. Nudging patients with reminders can help avert no-shows, reduce the administrative burden, and lower costs. If you want to make outbound reminder calls or provide inbound payment apps, Plum Voice has the API/ delivery mechanism needed for such notifications. 


Cost Savings

In terms of cost savings, automating processes and services can cut expenses, enhancing revenue cycle management. A Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) survey found that providers who employ revenue cycle automation have a 0.25% lower cost to collect.


Focus on Patient Care, Not Repetitive Tasks

Virtual agents are an automated version of a live customer service agent that automates repetitive and simple business workflows for improved operational efficiency and cost savings. Virtual agents can aid healthcare organizations in streamlining the most common activities that front office employees handle over the phone from appointment setting and reminders to taking payments.

By automating repetitive tasks, virtual agents allow the front desk and billing department employees to attend to patient care and other more meaningful duties. See an improvement in patient outcomes when the focus is placed on them, not the paperwork, scheduling and payment tasks related to their visit. Enhance revenue cycle management by reducing readmissions through self-guided reminder calls pre-surgery and surveys post-surgery.


Reducing No-Shows and Intelligent Scheduling

According to the VentureBeat article, AI will use insurance coverage, diagnosis, location, availability, and cancellation risk factors to optimize scheduling workflows. Innovative companies will use this data to fill costly gaps from last-minute cancellations - intelligent systems will reach out to waitlisted patients based on the predicted likelihood to respond. Solving this problem will reduce the 20.6-day average wait to see a physician by 25%.


Common Use Cases for Healthcare

Appointments, Bookings & Reminders

Benefits Elections

Customized Alerts, Reminders & Notifications

Device Installations Follow-up

Eligibility Assessment


Intelligent Routing

Intelligent Callbacks

Lab Results

Location Finder

Medical Information Delivery

Medical Triage

Mobile Workforce Reporting

Name & Department Directory

Password Reset

PCI Payments Processing and Collections

Personal Information Updates

Post-Service Follow-up & Satisfaction Surveys

Prescription Reminder & Refills

PTO Tracker

Service Activation

Support Tickets & Updates


Vaccine Availability

Vaccine Testing App

Voice Biometrics for Authentication

Automation Toolkit for Developers

Build Applications for Omnichannel Engagements

Developers can utilize various tools in the Plum Voice toolkit - Plum Fuse, Plum DEV, Plum Chat and Plum Message - to develop voice automation, SMS messaging and chat solutions.

Plum DEV and Plum Fuse complement and support each other - code in VXML and then manage with a low-code GUI tool - for an agile and flexible experience. Then, use APIs to connect to thousands of data sources, including CRMs, for real-time information.

Plum Fuse Templates - Healthcare

The Plum Fuse Template Center gives users access to a library of pre-built templates for voice applications. Users can choose the appropriate template to build a voice application for their business needs, then customize it to be unique to their brand and business operations. Templates applicable to this industry include:

  • Appointment Reminder (Outbound)
  • Appointment System
  • Electronic Visit Verification
  • Mobile Workforce
  • Outbound Notification - Prescription Pickup
  • Patient Survey (Outbound)
  • Prescription
  • Prescription Notification (Outbound)
  • Survey - CSAT

Secure and Scalable Platform

The Plum Voice platform is built on a fault-tolerant and scalable cloud architecture delivered over a Tier 1 telecom infrastructure with built-in redundancy and designed for 99.9% uptime of your voice applications.

The Plum Voice cloud infrastructure is built to meet rigorous security standards. It has undergone rigorous audits to achieve PCI-DSS, SOC2 and HIPAA compliance and is a Visa Verified vendor.


Benefits for Developers

  • Rapid speed to deployment - build in days, not weeks
  • Improve ROI
  • Flexibility in hosting and coding
    • Multiple options for development from GUI to VXML and other coding languages
    • Users can host applications outside of Plum Voice in their environment and then tie into Plum Voice's platform for voice carriage
    • Integrate the best features of AI engines from Google, Amazon, Nuance, IBM and others to offer the latest in generative AI advances
  • Straightforward and easy-to-use APIs
  • API calls are included in our pricing for cost savings
  • Plum Voice's Professional Services team can develop applications that the user hosts
  • HIPAA and PCI Compliance - The Plum Voice cloud infrastructure has undergone rigorous audits to achieve PCI-DSS, SOC2, and HIPAA compliance

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