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Privacy and security matter to you and your patients. Plum Voice’s healthcare IVR software and intelligent virtual agents (IVAs) with conversational AI let you control patient & employee communications in a secure, accessible, reliable way.

IVR Automation: Your Rx for Healthy Communications

Every interaction between medical provider and patient is critical. Plum’s voice communication platform provides the reliability and flexibility to deliver your most important communications, every time. Fuse is both HIPAA- and PCI-compliant, offering unmatched security. Whether your patients are relaying sensitive information or paying their medical bills over the phone, with Plum’s custom automated solutions for healthcare that information is always safe and secure.

Physician Finder

Enable patients to use their phones to search for and connect directly with healthcare providers using parameters such as patient phone number, ZIP code, and insurance type. This allows patients the flexibility to communicate with the right provider from anywhere.

Payment Processing

Paying medical bills over the phone through a PCI-DSS compliant platform ensures that transactions are safe and secure. As one of the most common call types, automating payments improves the efficiency of the entire payment process.

Patient Reminders

Utilize outbound messaging to notify patients about upcoming appointments, offer automated re-scheduling options for missed appointments, or send payment reminders. A proactive approach to communications results in fewer missed appointments and delinquent payments.

Surveys and Feedback

Medical facilities and practices that deploy automated patient surveys can capture critical feedback about their service and patient satisfaction. Researchers also benefit from IVR software when used to collect data from clinical trial subjects, reducing the frequency of office visits.

Mobile Time & Task Reporting

Healthcare professionals in the field can record time and task information anywhere they have access to a phone using an interactive voice response system. This reduces paperwork and streamlines data input thereby improving employee efficiency in the field and in the office.

Prescription Refills

Customers can call in refill orders to an automated system at any time of day. Companies can also offer customers real-time notifications that send proactive messages when a prescription is ready, or if there’s an issue with the order and the pharmacist needs additional information.

Appointment Management

Plum’s IVA applications can automate appointment management over the phone. This allows healthcare providers to offer patients the ability to schedule new appointments, look up existing appointments, and cancel appointments. Conversational AI can even facilitate appointment rescheduling. This is especially useful for patients looking for appointment information after-hours.

Test Results

Collect medical information for testing and/or present patients with test results.  Use Plum’s custom IVR applications to record personalized test results and attach that recording to a patient’s medical record. The application can deliver the recording to the patient with pre-recorded audio or tex-to-speech. If patients have questions after receiving their results, conversational AI can answer non-advisory questions and providers can easily give callers the option of connecting directly to a nurse or other healthcare provider.

Connect Doctors, Patients, and Information with Automated Solutions

Leverage automation and conversational AI to quickly and easily connect healthcare providers and patients to the information they need, while meeting HIPAA compliance standards to ensure patient privacy and data security.

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