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Self-Service Card Activations

Card Activations and Servicing

Make Card Activation Easy for Customers

Credit, debit and prepaid cards need to be activated and then serviced after being issued. Cardholders can complete those steps via online portals, live customer service agents  and the phone. Out of those options, automated phone activation through intelligent virtual agents (IVAs) is the most effective and simple solution.

Why is phone activation better?

To start, accessibility to technology does affect your customer’s interaction with you. According to the Pew Research Center in 2021:

There are other factors to consider. Web interfaces can require onerous authentication processes that deter customers who aren’t tech savvy. Customer demographics (i.e. age) can influence how customers want to communicate with a business. A team of live agents can be costly to maintain, and it is more difficult to scale staffing needs to meet demand during activity surges.


Banking companies that have used Plum Voice service applications have accomplished IVR call containment rates higher than 90%.

With a quick phone call, customers can activate their cards with voice self-service applications. They simply speak their card information, or enter via keypad, and the card is activated in minutes.

Voice automation solutions are available 24/7 from anywhere for optimal convenience.

Internet activation can pose challenges with connectivity, passwords and two-factor authentication systems. Using a voice channel is reliable, ubiquitous and intuitive with a single call.

Empower your agents to be the experts at problem solving. Automate simple tasks, such at card activations, to free up their time for more complex calls.