Process More Payments By Phone

Complete more payments with Plum’s secure, PCI-compliant, voice communications platform in the cloud.

The Ultimate Payment Experience: Fast. Easy. Effective.

Using agents to process payments over the phone is an inefficient and costly process. While some callers may feel better talking to a person, having an agent perform a rote task like processing a payment can cost $5 or more per call. As a result, your contact center becomes a cost center. Employing live agents directly handle customer financial data also creates additional security risks.

Automating payments over the phone with IVR reduces costs and improves data security. Plum Voice offers a production-ready IVR payment app that gives your customers 24/7 access to payment options over the phone. Our PCI-compliant IVR apps reduce development time by 70-90% and deliver great customer experiences, while adding real value and high ROI.

Integrate with Any Payment Gateway

Easily integrate your application with any payment gateways. Connecting to payment gateways through APIs saves time, money, and resources. Avoid feeling restricted to one payment gateway, and enjoy the power to effortlessly switch to the best option for your company.

Optimize User Experience

Use the VoiceTrends analytics toolkit to ensure that callers have a great experience when making payments. VoiceTrends lets you monitor application performance and track user trends to optimize apps for efficiency and user-friendliness.

Secure Infrastructure

Protect sensitive customer information and your brand with Plum’s secure, compliant infrastructure. Plum Fuse is certified PCI DSS Level 1, and resides in physically secure, geographically dispersed, Class A data centers, all fed by Tier 1 redundant telecom infrastructure.

Never Miss a Payment

Plum’s cloud platform is designed to scale automatically, whether call increases come from natural growth or call spikes. Coupled with a 100% uptime guarantee, companies can process every payment call they receive, 24/7/365.

Complete Control to Design & Build

Take advantage of Plum’s cutting edge, feature rich development platform to customize every aspect of your IVR payment processing application. Plum lets you design a solution that fits the specific needs of your company, rather than retrofitting a turn-key, out-of-the-box product.

Automate Payments and Lower Customer Service Costs

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