Voice Automation Solutions

Professional Services

Your Partner in Implementation & Deployment

Collaborate with Developers to Create Your Voice Solution

Plum Voice Professional Services team and developers work with you to modernize your existing interactive voice response (IVR) solution and take the steps to upgrade to intelligent voice agents (IVAs).

Working together, we will create a strategic implementation and deployment plan that is quick and efficient. This results in a faster return on investment. By engaging with you from the very beginning, we learn about your workflow and processes to understand what brings impactful results to your business.


No Boundaries

Plum Voice designs, builds, deploys, and manages voice automation solutions and applications for businesses of all sizes across the world. Our tools are limited to a large enterprise or a small business. With the help of the Professional Services team, you can build a scalable solution that will fit your business today and in the future.

Since Plum Voice works with a variety of telephony carriers, we are able to provision local phone numbers in your area. This helps you to personalize your business outreach and be relevant in a local setting. For businesses that reach beyond one location, we are able to acquire local numbers throughout the United States to help you give customers the personal touch.


In-House Professionals Bring Your Vision to Life

IOur experienced, in-house professionals work on every stage of voice application development so you are supported throughout the entire integration process. These stages include:

  • Design
    Solutions that work for you need to be rooted in your processes. The team will work with you to understand your specific use case and requirements to design an application that meets your needs.
  • Implementation
    Our team can build and host your solution or provide consultation on how to implement features on your own. Put our experience and wealth of knowledge to work for you.
  • Development of Intelligent Voice Agents (IVAs)
    Effective voice agents aren’t born, they’re built. Through a collaborative and iterative approach, we develop the IVA and help train it to perform to your needs.
  • QA and Deployment
    Development doesn’t happen in a vacuum. You’re included in the QA process to ensure your requirements are met. We’ll also coordinate with your team for any knowledge transfer or deployment requirements to ensure a smooth transition into production.
  • Support
    Gone are the days of consultants who cash your check and run. Whether you have questions or post-deployment issues, our Professional Services and Support teams work together closely to address your concerns.

Our developers and engineers not only care about your success in implementing and deploying the Plum Voice products, but they are also available as needed for troubleshooting and growth opportunities throughout the customer journey.


Customer Satisfaction

Plum Voice has a reputation of proven customer satisfaction that is unsurpassed in the industry. We work in collaboration with our customers from beginning to end of the engagement to:

  • Design and document voice application requirements
  • Build voice automation applications
  • Rigorously test any apps before production deployment
  • Provide any follow-up support needed

By being a partner with your team, we can together solve problems, find solutions and deliver on and above expectations. We believe in the power of us!

Plum AI Fusion

AI Fusion simplifies voice processing by accessing multiple leading AI engines such as Nuance, Google, Amazon and IBM to interpret each spoken request. The results are then combined to provide a more accurate and comprehensive understanding of the user's needs.

Plum Voice has designed and implemented communications applications across many industries. We assist in every aspect of the process from the creation of call scripts to implementation and data integration to help you create the solution that is right for your business.

Plum Voice Professional Services team assists customers with identifying and making changes for continuous improvement to their apps. This creates better user experiences and improves call automation rates.

Plum Voice Professional Services team creates comprehensive migration plans that mitigate risk and ensure a smooth transition from legacy systems to the cloud. Our focus is to eliminate downtime that could cost you money and negatively impact your business.

Plum Voice Professional Services team is a combination of dedicated professionals with a variety of technical talents who are ready to deliver and meet your needs. Our services include: training, development consulting, code review, professional voice talent and more.

Payment Processing

Case Study

OSG Sees a 90% Adoption of IVR Technology & 80% Reduction in Manual Labor

OSG teamed up with Plum Voice to build its IVR payment application. This allowed OSG to deploy a custom application, and the Fuse platform also made it quick and easy for the OSG team to clone and tweak IVR applications for new clients. After adding IVR payments, OSG saw a 90% adoption rate of the technology and an 80% reduction in manual labor.