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Communicate More Naturally with Customers

Enhance Your Voice Channel with AI-powered Calls

Now, there is a path to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) in the automation of conversational dialogue. Modern technology and applications are constantly developing in how they hear a voice, decipher the intent of the caller’s question and then quickly connect them to the right input for an answer.

Conversational AI is used to “humanize” interactive voice response (IVR) systems and create intelligent virtual agents (IVAs) that recognize a caller’s intent and respond with an appropriate answer. They can even hear elevated emotions, such as frustration, and quickly route the caller to a live agent.

Instead of forcing callers to navigate through phone menus and prompts, conversational AI applications can now ask, “How can I help you?” They bring a human-like touch to what was once an automated and emotionless menu system. Deliver better customer experiences, connect more quickly and curb customer frustration with NLP and the next generation of voice communications.


Allow callers to express themselves in their own words.


Conversational AI applications are trained to listen to a customer's words to discover their intent and then determine what action needs to be taken. These applications cut through the red tape of tedious phone menus to route callers to the correct self-service solution or a live agent for more complicated issues.

By determining caller intent quickly and responding with solution options quickly, the customer has a more positive interaction.

Conversational AI and NLP can determine caller intent faster and decrease overall call handling time. When your contact center’s average handle time (AHT) is decreased, everyone wins!

Callers are less frustrated when they don't have to maneuver through IVR systems that use extensive prompts and phone tree menus.

A Modern Approach to Improving Customer Experiences


Create a Competititive Advantage

With the use of conversational AI technologies, you can give your contact center a competitive edge over your competition by:

  • Resolving customer inquiries more efficiently and effectively
  • Answering simple and repetitive questions quickly via IVAs
  • Focusing live agents on more complex issues and work tasks

Your customers will take notice! They get the answers they need quickly and in a human-like manner. Plus, the application also listens to their intent and can transfer them to a live agent for further assistance. No more pushing buttons and hoping to get to the right person in a phone tree.

By utilizing these modern technologies, your business can lessen the operational costs that come with maintaining a contact center consisting of only live agents. At the same time, you can encourage and enable a happier and more productive workforce by routing common questions to pre-recorded answers and automating repetitive tasks.

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