IVR Account Inquiries and FAQs

Handle More Customer Inquiries with Better Automation

Deploy intelligent virtual voice agents that can process repetitive requests more securely, quickly, and efficiently than traditional IVR.


Customers who pick up the phone to call your company typically want information of some sort. When that information is hard to find or simply takes a long time, callers get frustrated. The danger here is that poor customer experiences may motivate customers to switch to a competitor.

Automating frequent or common interactions over the phone enables your business to quickly connect your customers to the information they want. A hosted virtual voice agent  for account inquiries can securely tap into business databases right over the phone for account information like checking account balances, claims status, patient information, and much more. Deliver better customer experiences by upgrading legacy IVR apps that cause frustration, And reduce average call handle time by efficiently connecting callers to their account information with voice self-service.

Don’t limit the type or scope of information available to customers. APIs let you connect your voice apps to any database, ensuring critical information is only a quick call away.

Integrate voice self-service applications with backend databases so that callers can get the most recent information about their account.

Provide around the clock access to customer information. With direct access to backend databases and no need for agents to handle common inquiries, customers can complete information requests on their time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Never miss a payment because Plum’s cloud platform is designed to scale automatically, whether volume increases come from natural growth or call spikes. Coupled with a 100% uptime guarantee, companies can process every payment call they receive, 24/7/365.

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Take Your Business to the People

Leverage your voice channel to make sure information gets to the right people, on time, every time.

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