Plum Voice Virtual Agent Platform

Balance High Voice Automation with High Customer Satisfaction

Improve upon traditional IVR and agent work flows with virtual voice agents that are always ready, consistently engaging, quick, and even proactive in their outreach.

Implement an engaging scalable, secure, and efficient conversational virtual voice agent solution to reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction

Plum’s voice products cater to a variety of communications needs, improving traditional IVR systems with intelligent virtual agents and conversational AI applications. We cater to a variety of stakeholders: in-house developers or engineers who code, tech savvy personnel that can drag-and-drop, or managers who want to outsource and monitor solution development. Our development platforms and services are designed to match your needs when creating your virtual agents.

Enjoy the unmatched power and flexibility of Plum’s secure, cloud communications platform to enable applications that automate contact center and business processes, increase efficiency, and deliver insights that improve customer service.


Plum Fuse

Plum Fuse is an intuitive drag-and-drop tool that allows anyone on your team to create and manage virtual voice agents and IVR applications.


Plum DEV

Plum DEV is a developer platform that allows you to build dynamic virtual voice agents, IVA, modernized IVR, and dynamic omni channel messaging applications that leverage voice, SMS, and other text channels.

SecureAssistant logo

Plum SecureAssistant

SecureAssistant is a PCI-compliant virtual voice agent that can be conferenced into calls to accept and mask sensitive payment details while the live agent remains on the line to maintain a cohesive consumer experience.


Plum Insight

Extend Voice of the Customer programs into the contact center with Plum’s Insight platform. Omni-channel communications facilitate customer surveys anywhere and robust reporting eases data analysis.



VoiceTrends is an analytics toolkit built specifically for voice applications. It provides advanced usage and performance analytics and robust reporting, allowing businesses to monitor, optimize, and improve communications applications.

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