Voice Automation Solutions

Build AI-Powered Communication Solutions

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Safe, Simple & Efficient Applications

The goal is simple. Make your business more accessible and responsive to customers’ needs  while improving productivity. It’s simple and easy with products and services from Plum Voice.

With the implementation of interactive voice response systems (IVR), virtual agents,  conversational AI, chatbot and SMS messaging solutions, your business can respond faster to customer requests - frequently asked questions, account balances, appointment reminders, card activation, payments, etc. And, that’s just the beginning of what automation can do for a business!


Reduce Costs and Improve Customer Satisfaction

Plum Voice offers various products to aid businesses in automating customer interactions through virtual agents, modern IVR technology, chatbots and SMS messaging. By utilizing modern automation solutions, business owners can save time and money by creating more efficient and consistent customer interactions for simple, repetitive tasks.


Scalable IVR Systems on a Secure AI-Enabled Platform

With Plum Voice’s cloud platform, developers can choose between the Plum DEV tool to render VXML code, or the Plum Fuse low-code tool which is quick and easy to use with drag and drop capability. Both tools include VoiceTrends to track performance analytics and reporting to maintain and maximize their use through real-time information. Add Plum SecureAssistant or Plum Insight to the package, and you have secure payment and survey options to support customer experience programs better.


Plum Voice’s platform is built on a fault-tolerant and scalable cloud architecture that eliminates on-site hardware and support. It is delivered over a Tier 1 telecom infrastructure with built-in redundancy and designed for 99.9% uptime of your voice applications.


Plum Fuse

Plum Fuse is an intuitive drag and drop, low-code, Graphical User Interface (GUI) tool that allows developers and non-technical users to create and manage IVR systems and vitual agents.


Plum DEV

Plum DEV is a tool that enables developers to build IVR systems and virtual agents by generating their own code, including VoiceXML/ VXML. DEV also supports dynamic multi-channel messaging applications that utilize voice, SMS and other channels.

SecureAssistant logo

Plum SecureAssistant

SecureAssistant is a PCI-compliant virtual voice agent that can be conferenced into calls to accept and mask sensitive payment details while the live agent remains on the line to maintain a cohesive consumer experience.


Plum Insight

Extend Voice of the Customer programs into the contact center with Plum’s Insight platform. Omni-channel communications facilitate customer surveys anywhere and robust reporting eases data analysis.



VoiceTrends is an analytics toolkit built specifically for voice applications. It provides advanced usage and performance analytics and robust reporting, allowing businesses to monitor, optimize, and improve communications applications.

Conversational AI

Plum Chat

Plum Chat is a chatbot tool that enables customers to communicate, self-service, self-heal and obtain support in their preferred communication channel - WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM and Twitter DM.


Plum Message is an enterprise-level campaign management platform that creates SMS, MMS, Push and OTT messaging via easy-to-use APIs and a no-code design platform that can be integrated with other applications and services.

Accredited Vendors

Here's a sample of the accredited vendors that incorporate into the Plum Voice Platform with APIs:





Cloud Services

Plum AI Fusion

AI Fusion simplifies voice processing by accessing multiple leading AI engines such as Nuance, Google, Amazon and IBM to interpret each spoken request. The results are then combined to provide a more accurate and comprehensive understanding of the user's needs.