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Prepaid Cards

Automated Card Activation and Management

Reduce Customer Service Costs Associated with Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards offer users an easy way to pay for the things instead of using cash or credit cards. They are also great gifts during the holidays, bonus perks to reward loyal customers, incentive awards to boost employee morale, etc.  A challenge of having a prepaid card is keeping track of the card’s remaining account balance.

For the card issuers, customer service is the biggest cost center associated with prepaid card programs. With voice communication applications like interactive voice response (IVR) combined with conversational AI to create intelligent virtual agents (IVAs), card issuers can reduce the costs associated with live agents in contact centers.

IVAs enable a company to simplify the most common, repetitive and simple tasks - card activation, account balance inquiry, lost card reporting, expired card replacement, etc. - with automated voice prompts over the phone. The card issuer is able to better control customer interactions and deliver a fast, consistent customer experience in natural language through IVAs.

Plus, cardholders can take care of their card management needs quickly from anywhere and at any time using voice self-service technologies.


Simplify prepaid card management, achieve call containment rates above 90% and reduce live agent costs by deploying IVAs.

Cardholder Benefits & Card Issuer Savings

With each of these cardholder benefits, the card issuer also reduces their overhead costs. By utilizing voice automation solutions, companies can deliver the same quality of service that would require a contact center staffed 24/7 with live agents.

Give cardholders 24/7 access to card balance information.

Activate and manage new prepaid cards in seconds from any phone. An internet connection is not required.

Enable cardholders to quickly report lost or stolen prepaid cards for account security.

Enable customers to use vouchers, or other means, to reload or top up their prepaid cards.

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