Proven IVR Solutions for Prepaid Cards

Achieve call containment rates as high as 90%, reduce costs, and provide seamless customer experiences with prepaid card management software.

The Challenge

Customer experience is a top priority for over 87% of companies. Ensuring your voice channel meets customer expectations can be a challenge. Delivering improved customer experiences encourages customers to utilize self-service options. This means customers can manage their cards quickly, which reduces the need for live agents and drives down contact center costs.

The Plum Solution

Automating common phone calls allows customers to manage their prepaid card quickly and reduces your reliance on live agents. With easy-to-use tools, analytics, and pre-built apps, Plum Voice’s IVR software makes optimizing voice apps simple for the prepaid card industry. Do more, save more, and provide great customer experiences with Plum Voice.

Use Cases and Applications


Customers never need to guess what the balance of their prepaid cards are. Access card balance information 24/7/365.


Activate new prepaid cards in seconds, all without needing an internet connection.


Let customers protect their accounts when disaster strikes by reporting lost or stolen prepaid cards as soon as it happens.


Enable customers to use vouchers, or other means, to reload or top up their prepaid cards.

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