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Why Choose Plum Voice?

Voice Automation & AI-Powered Communications

Each Business Workflow is Unique

No two businesses are the same; therefore, communicating with employees and customers must be customized for branding and tone while adhering to workflow processes. When you need tailored automation solutions that give your business an advantage over your competition, look to Plum Voice. You can build omnichannel communication applications on a reliable and compliant platform in hours or days, not weeks.


Process self-service requests more securely,
quickly and efficiently.

5 Benefits of Using Plum Voice Tools


1 - First Call Resolution

Customer response is critical to business operations. Modern IVR systems, SMS messaging and chat technology combined with conversational AI can answer questions quickly without human interaction.

  • Identify customer needs quickly through speech data captured with Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Reduce customer hold time and unnecessary transfers
  • Lower high abandon rate due to long wait times
  • By driving customer service efficiency with automation, you can improve the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and lower operating costs.

2 - Become More Efficient

Employees are the most valuable part of any business. Therefore, augment their repetitive, redundant tasks with automated virtual agents. Create a more efficient workflow for day-to-day activities.

  • Use APIs to integrate IVR systems, CRMs and databases for real-time and customized responses
  • Scale to support live agents when call flows vary due to holidays, promotions, etc.
  • Allow virtual agents to complete repetitive tasks and requests - answer FAQs, provide account information, make payments, promote specials, give store hours, etc.
  • Review real-time analytics and data with VoiceTrends to improve and maximize virtual agent effectiveness

Developers and non-technical users can collaborate to create and manage IVR systems and virtual agents in the Plum Fuse tool.


3 - Task Staff Effectively

Enable employees to do what they do best - answer the more complex questions that need a personal touch and compassionate response - so they can focus on what matters most.

  • Reduce burnout and stress from repetitive tasks
  • Improve retention rate by right-sizing live agents' roles
  • Empower employees to focus on higher-value tasks and more complex issues

4 - Reduce Operational Costs & Increase ROI

Save money when you employ virtual agents and omnichannel communication methods to supplement workflows.

  • Minimize live agent, front desk or payment staff by automating routine inquiries and payment methods
  • Send automated communications through voice or messaging to increase on-time payments and reduce appointment no-shows.
  • Build an automated communications application with Plum Fuse to deploy in days, not weeks, for faster ROI on development
  • Plum Voice pricing includes API calls
Security Shield

5 - Secure and Agile Cloud Platform

The Plum Voice platform has a fault-tolerant and scalable cloud architecture that makes it reliable and secure.

  • Delivered over a Tier 1 telecom infrastructure with built-in redundancy
  • Designed for 99.9% uptime

Built to meet rigorous security standards for PCI-DSS, SOC2, and HIPAA compliance, as well as being a Visa Verified vendor

Keeping Customer Data Safe

Plum Voice tools and platform protect customers' sensitive, personal information. When users enter sensitive data, logging is temporarily disabled on our systems. This action marks the entries as "private" to keep their information from being recorded in our databases.

On an annual basis, independent assessors test calls on our platform to confirm these features function as required. Customers that use our secure platform can request reports for their review that detail these security features and independent external auditor confirmation.

Plum Voice Use Cases

Handle repetitive queries with ease.

Secure, streamlined voice payments anytime & anywhere.

Improve card profitability.

They "How can I help you?" approach to automation with virtual voice agents.

Leverage voice dialogs and SMS to get the word out.

Enable convenient interactions with your mobile workforce.

Build voice surveys in minutes.

Accredited Vendors

Here's a sample of the accredited vendors that incorporate into the Plum Voice Platform with APIs:





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