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Your Business is Unique

No two businesses are the same. Having tailored solutions to meet your needs gives you a major advantage over your competition. When you need to automate some of the most common and repetitive interactions with customers, Plum Voice’s tools on a secure cloud platform enable you to create the right solution for your business.

Customer Response is Critical

Answer your customers’ most frequently asked questions with customized communications applications and virtual agents. Once deployed, virtual agents connect your customers to relevant databases (e.g. account or order information) to give them the answers they need at any time without a live agent. Of course, customers who need more assistance have the option to request a live agent for  more complex issues.

You can deliver an exceptional caller experience by quickly giving customers the information they want using interactive voice response (IVR), SMS messaging and chatbots, plus other automated applications. By driving customer service efficiency, you can improve your automation rates and lower your operating costs.

Employee Engagement

The benefits of using IVAs don’t stop at the interactions with your customers. Here are a few ways that using IVAs on a cloud-based platform can increase employee engagement:

  • IT staff will feel less stressed and be able to focus on other tasks when they don’t have to maintain onsite hardware. Now, they can focus on more impactful projects that affect your bottom line.
  • Developers can easily develop, deploy and manage the IVAs on their own without significant support. They can completely code an IVR solution using Plum DEV or use the Plum Fuse low-code tool that provides pre-built templates for a quick start.
  • The contact center can reduce the average call handle time by having IVAs answer repetitive requests and questions.
  • Live agents handle fewer redundant calls and can focus on customers that need more attention, leading to greater customer satisfaction.
  • Live agents also have more time to complete other job-related tasks.
  • Remote employees can easily report via phone on project updates, working hours and other commonly tracked tasks.

And, this is only the beginning of how automated voice solutions can improve your employee morale and productivity.

Plum Voice Use Cases

Handle repetitive queries with ease.

Secure, streamlined voice payments anytime & anywhere.

Improve card profitability.

The "How can I help you?" approach to automation with virtual voice agents.

Enable convenient interactions with your mobile workforce.

Leverage voice dialogs and SMS to get the word out.

Build voice surveys in minutes.

Accredited Vendors

Here's a sample of the accredited vendors that incorporate into the Plum Voice Platform with APIs:





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