Pre-Built IVR Applications for All Your Self-Service Needs

Optimized and Ready to Deploy

Stop reinventing the wheel. Plum’s Fuse+ pre-built applications reduce the time and cost of developing IVR apps, so you can get customer self-service for your voice channel up and running fast. Plus, you can also use our apps as templates, adding the customization and features you want to deliver amazing customer experiences.

Many voice applications share similar characteristics and automate similar processes, although different industries call them by different names. Click on any of our applications below to learn more about their common uses and benefits.

AI+NLP Call Routing

The combination of natural language processing and artificial intelligence can transform your voice channel overnight by ending caller frustration and getting callers to the right place quicker.

Natural Language Processing Application


Fast, easy, and–most importantly–secure. Process more payments, deliver access to more customers, and reach more markets with 24/7 access to your billing portal over the phone.

Payments Application

Account Inquiry

Most callers want information. Quickly integrate with databases to provide dynamic, real-time information that’s specific to individual customers.

Account Inquiry Application


Enable customers to avoid interruptions to their accounts. Allow them to activate credit and debit cards over the phone.

Activation Application


Extend your Voice of the Customer program into the contact center and collect customer feedback to drive improvements with your customer service offerings.

Survey Application

Mobile Workforce Reporting

Let mobile employees clock in and clock out with a quick, easy phone call. Reduce administrative work by automatically sending data to your back office systems.

Mobile Workforce Reporting Application


Engage customers in interactive dialog by sending personalized, proactive notifications with outbound calling or SMS/MMS messaging. Ensure customers get the critical information they need, when they need it.

Reminders Application