Because Without Data, It Never Happened

VoiceTrends’ modernized IVRs and analytics software gives you the data you need to measure, improve, and optimize your automated voice communications.

Advanced Analytics & Reporting Software for Voice Apps

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VoiceTrends is an analytics toolkit designed specifically to measure the performance of intelligent voice applications built with Plum’s DEV, Fuse, and Insight products and running on the Plum platform. Developed specifically for voice applications, VoiceTrends provides advanced voice analytics and reporting for a communications channel that historically suffered from a lack of data visualizations.

VoiceTrends data help companies to continuously monitor their voice applications, identify areas for improvement or optimization, and deliver the best customer experience possible.

VoiceTrends Features


VoiceTrends trend analysis provides graphic representations of data that cover call volume, event tracking, and application performance. This delivers data on usage, and different user inputs. The performance tracker keeps tabs of application errors to help identify trouble areas and improve applications.


Use data to perform continuous analysis, optimization, and maintenance of communications applications to produce a better customer experience, higher call containment, and lower customer service costs. Leverage A/B testing capabilities to optimize call-flows.


VoiceTrends has its own unique web portal, expanding Plum’s commitment to roles-based management of communications applications. Easily find important data or set a specific date range or compare multiple ranges while navigating to better understand trends.


Robust security portfolio that includes PCI-DSS (level 1), HIPAA, SOC2, Visa & Mastercard Verified, and Cyber Essentials certifications to ensure caller data is always secure.

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Obtain the Granular Data You Desire

VoiceTrends provides unprecedented data, analytics, and insight into the performance of your voice applications.

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