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VoiceTrends provides actionable data and analytics that allow you to improve operational efficiency, reduce customer frustration, and deliver more positive overall customer experiences.

VoiceTrends is our voice analytics software designed specifically to measure the performance of voice applications. VoiceTrends is exclusive to the Plum platform and is included with DEV, Fuse, and Insight. We built VoiceTrends to provide advanced analytics and reporting for a communications channel that historically suffered from a lack of data.

VoiceTrends data helps companies to continuously monitor their voice applications, identify areas for improvement or optimization, and deliver the best customer experience possible.

Actionable Data

Actionable Data

Call data to identify possible points of failure and other optimization opportunities. A/B test your call flows, which can lead to higher containment rates and better overall customer satisfaction.

Monitor App Performance

Monitor App Performance

Track general application usage, the way callers interact with apps, and the technical performance all in one place.

Visualize Data

Visualize Data

Diagnostic Flow allows you to visualize common call paths based on select criteria.


Get the information you need while remaining PCI- and/or HIPAA-compliant and preserving caller privacy and data security.

“Plum is a solid company that is great to work with, and you’ll get a solid ROI working with them.”

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