OSG Uses Plum Professional Services, Sees 90% Adoption of IVR Technology

For close to three decades, OSG has been a leading outsourced provider of omni-channel billing and payment solutions, offering a full suite of integrated customer communications and engagement solutions that transform the way its clients reach their customers. From transactional
documents to strategic marketing initiatives, OSG employs cutting-edge digital technology to expertly craft communications that enhance the customer experience. OSG’s reputation for excellence is based upon award-winning communication solutions and long-term investment in
clients’ success.

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Plum Fuse, Professional Services


Executive Summary

OSG, a leading provider of omni-channel billing and payment solutions, customer engagement and critical customer communication management, sought to enhance its robust digital offerings by providing an IVR solution. OSG teamed up with Plum Voice to build its IVR payment application. This allowed OSG to deploy a custom application, and the Fuse platform also made it quick and easy for the OSG team to clone and tweak IVR applications for new clients. After adding IVR payments, OSG saw a 90% adoption rate of the technology and an 80% reduction in manual labor.

OSG has a broad global footprint across verticals. While print-and-mail is a major component of the company’s service offerings, OSG has built out its digital offerings to offer a fully integrated payment solution for its customers. Part of this digital evolution includes providing automated IVR payment options for end-users.

The Problem

The company sought to expand its digital capabilities and part of that process involved building out IVR payment processing. OSG’s Vice President of Product and Channel Development, Nick Cloonen, led this process. Cloonen had previous experience working with Plum Voice products and identified Plum Fuse as a product that would enable OSG to deploy an effective IVR channel.

The Solution

The OSG team was able to use Fuse to create basic call-flows, but as they realized that their applications called for more complex development, requiring multiple API calls and incorporating more intricate, layered IVR call routing, they made the decision to lean on Plum Voice Professional Services to develop their core application.

This process typically begins with discovery meetings between Plum’s Professional Services team and the client. In the case of OSG, Cloonen’s established relationship with Plum Voice products helped to expedite this process. The Professional Services team began by taking an IVR app that ran in Plum DEV that Cloonen used in another project and converted it to a Fuse application.

In this case, the back-and-forth dialogs to scope out the project between Plum’s Professional Services team and OSG focused on how to translate the application to Fuse and outline any desired changes. Once everyone was on the same page, development proceeded quickly. Plum built a multi-language IVR payment processing that presented end-users with customer payment options. OSG was able to control these payment options through an API. Later, when OSG required additional development work, they partnered with Plum’s Account Management team to coordinate those changes and updates. Cloonen stated that best part of using Plum Professional Services was the “quick turnaround times.”


“There weren’t a lot of difficulties with the Professional Services team digesting what we were trying to create, going off and creating it, and not hesitating to bounce ideas or questions off us in a timely fashion. A lot of projects tend to get lost in black holes and we didn’t experience that here.”

Nick Cloonen, OSG's Vice President of Product and Channel Development

The Results

Now, when OSG signs on a new client the company is able to simply clone its payment processing application, quickly made any necessary modifications, and deploy it for that customer. Cloonen noted that he and his team are, in many cases, comfortable enough with Plum Fuse to use the one-click cloning feature to create variations of the payment processing application. This allows them to meet specific customer needs, such as branding or prompt text, without having to build a whole new app.

These efforts led to an increased adoption of IVR service by OSG clients. Approximately 90% of deals are now IVR enabled. For some of the company’s processes, IVR automation reduced manual labor requirements by 80%.

By integrating Fuse IVR applications with the rest of its product suite, the OSG platform as a whole becomes a central repository for data. Storing information collected from multiple channels in a central location makes OSG nimbler in its ability to provide a variety of services to its clients. Processes like re-triggering payments become much faster, efficient, and cost effective.