One-Click Cloning Feature Deploys Payment Processing IVR Systems Fast

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90% IVR Technology Adoption Rate by New Customers


Everview enhanced its payment solution stack by adding an interactive voice response (IVR) option. They teamed up with Plum Voice to build a custom IVR payment application with the Plum Fuse tool, making it quick and easy for their team to clone and tweak IVR applications for new clients. Everview saw a 90% adoption rate of the IVR technology by new clients, and those clients saw an 80% reduction in manual labor requirements.

Company Story

For over 50 years, Everview (formerly known as OSG) has provided transactional, marketing and payment solutions to drive customer engagement and retention for clients around the globe and across verticals. EverView transforms paper billing and payment operations into digital interactions that cut costs, shorten payment cycles, and reduce a company’s environmental footprint. The EverView omnichannel software as a service (SaaS) platform has processed over 15 billion print and digital communications, including over 5 million emails, statements and images monthly, to help more than 6,000 clients.


Everview sought to expand its digital capabilities, including building interactive voice response (IVR) payment processing options. Nick Cloonen, Everview’s Vice President of Product and Channel Development, led the process of finding a new IVR vendor. Cloonen had previously worked with Plum Voice products and identified Plum Fuse as the product enabling Everview to build and deploy an effective IVR channel.


The Everview team utilized Fuse to create basic call flows. They soon realized their applications called for more complex development requirements, including multiple API calls and intricate, layered IVR call routing. The team decided to lean on Plum Voice Professional Services to develop their core application.

This collaborative process typically begins with discovery meetings between Plum’s Professional Services team and the client. In the case of Everview, Cloonen’s established relationship with Plum Voice helped to expedite this process as they repurposed something used in another project. The Professional Services team took an IVR application that ran in Plum DEV and converted it to a Plum Fuse application.

In scoping out the project, the back-and-forth dialogs between Plum’s Professional Services and the Everview team focused on translating the IVR application From Plum DEV to Plum Fuse. Development proceeded quickly once the team scoped out the workflow and outlined desired changes. 

Plum Voice built a multi-language IVR payment processing system that gave end-users customer payment options. Everview controls these payment options through an API. Cloonen stated that the best part of using Plum Professional Services was the “quick turnaround times.”

When Everview requires additional development work, they coordinate those changes and updates with Plum Voice’s Account Management team.


“There weren’t a lot of difficulties with the Professional Services team digesting what we were trying to create, going off and creating it, and not hesitating to bounce ideas or questions off us in a timely fashion. A lot of projects tend to get lost in black holes and we didn’t experience that here.”

Nick Cloonen, OSG's Vice President of Product and Channel Development


Everview has developed an easy and repeatable process to onboard new clients quickly. They simply clone their payment processing application, make necessary modifications to fit the customer’s needs and deploy the application. Cloonen noted that his team is comfortable using the one-click cloning feature in Fuse to create variations of the payment processing application. They can meet specific customer needs, such as branding or prompt text, without building a whole new application.

By introducing an efficient process of adding IVR payment processing services, Everview experienced an increased adoption of IVR services by their clients. Approximately 90% of new business deals are now IVR-enabled. IVR automation reduced manual labor requirements by 80% for some of the company's processes, saving companies time and money.

By integrating the IVR applications with the reset of Everyview’s product suite, their platform has become a central repository for data. Storing information collected from multiple channels in a central location makes Everview more agile in providing various services to its clients. Processes like re-triggering payments become more efficient and cost-effective.

Through partnering with Plum Voice and utilizing the Plum Fuse tool, Everview has expanded its product offerings to include IVR applications, creating a full stack of omnichannel payment processing options.

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