Audio Recordings Extend the Power of Voice in On-Demand Storytelling


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Audio Recordings Give Life in Preserving Memories & Storytelling


The Voice Library (TVL) is a secure audio and photo cloud platform that enables customers to create a personalized voice recording library and securely share it with others. This service requires a consistent and reliable way to record and retrieve audio recordings for playback. TVL utilized the Plum DEV tool to create their voice applications and housed them on their platform.

Company Story

TVL is a simple-to-use service for all ages, allowing users private access to voice recordings. Their technology lets customers share personal stories, create verbal family trees, store historical accounts and teach or present an idea in a more soulful, emotional and interactive way using personal audio recordings. Their cloud-based product serves the consumer, educational, business and government industries and is accessible from computers and mobile devices.


In 2009, TVL began as a legacy documenting company, providing individuals with a means of audio recording memories and stories important to them. These recordings then lived in a digital repository accessed via telephone for on-demand playback. 

TVL developed a platform to host these recordings, but they needed external expertise to design and implement the voice channel component. For TVL’s platform to work correctly, it required precise integrations.

“There was a lot of customization that [the Plum Voice] team was able to provide,” recalled TVL founder Al Brandano. “What sold us, back then, was their assistance on the backend. We interviewed other companies but didn’t feel they had the service you provided on the backend.” Plum Voice’s professional services and customer support was the critical deciding factor for Brandano. 


TVL built two interactive voice response (IVR) applications with the Plum DEV tool and integrated them into their platform. Each application served a specific function to ensure reliability and consistency in the audio recording and playback.

  1. Application #1 - facilitates the collection of audio recordings by allowing an individual to place a call, make a recording and save it to a personal, digital repository on TVL’s servers.
  2. Application #2 -  enables users to retrieve and playback recordings with a designated phone number and PIN code.

This combined system allowed customers to record their stories and then securely share them with others using the PIN code. The recordings are always accessible with the automated system, which minimizes the need for live customer agents.

Plum Voice doesn’t store customer data on its platform, so TVL needed the space (either on on-premise hardware or in the cloud) to store customer data. Plum Voice’s platform undergoes rigorous audits to achieve PCI-DSS, SOC2 and HIPAA compliance, and the company is also a Visa Verified vendor. 


“There was a lot of customization that the [Plum Voice] team was able to provide. The level of service and support that Plum provided proved a critical deciding factor.”

Al Brandano, Founder of The Voice Library


TVL collected, stored and made audio recordings accessible for users who utilized their applications. With the help of the VoiceTrends analytics toolkit, TVL determined:

  • The highest use periods were in the late afternoon from 3:00 - 5:30 p.m. on Wednesdays and Thursdays
  • During these peak usage times, over 60% of users accessed their accounts over the phone

“The reason for that, which we didn’t understand at first, was that people were at their desks. They were in an office somewhere and they were reflecting,” said Brandano.

Plum Voice’s technology-enabled TLV to grow and expand into other markets. What started as a company focused on preserving individuals’ legacies has now branched into other areas. Through these voice recordings, businesses, educational entities, real estate brokers, healthcare providers, libraries, community organizations, etc., have brought storytelling to life.