Intelligent Virtual Voice Agents that Automate Calls with Ease

Go beyond traditional ivr to improve caller experiences & reduce frustration.

For over 20 years Plum has helped companies of all sizes, from innovative startups to global enterprises, automate their most frequent calls while balancing high automation with great customer experiences.

Businesses in nearly every industry select Plum Voice for flexible, secure, reliable solutions.

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Secure. Engaging. cost Efficient.

Security Shield


Whether you're dealing with healthcare, financial, or other sensitive data, our platform complies with the highest security standards in a range of industries. These include HIPAA, PCI DSS (Level 1), SOC2, GDPR, and Visa Verified. This means that you can rest easy because your callers' information is always secure.


Analytics & Optimization

On average, the cost per call for a live agent is $5 versus pennies on the dollar for an IVR enhanced with an IVA. Maximize ROI with Plum's analytics tools. Use analytics to identify trouble areas and then optimize your IVR to reduce call time, increase automation rates, and improve caller experience.


Deployment Freedom

We're committed to delivering superior automated communications. Choose from our configurable, pre-built apps or build your own from scratch using the Fuse GUI or VoiceXML coding with Plum DEV. Thorough documentation and active forums ensure developers have the resources they need.

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