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IVR Platform with Professional Services

For over 20 years, Plum Voice has enabled companies of all sizes - from innovative startups to global enterprises - ways to improve their business processes with voice automation solutions.

With Plum's interactive voice response (IVR) technology, businesses can automate simple and redundant tasks or answer the most frequently asked questions via voice over the phone. By utilizing IVR systems, businesses can provide a better, more efficient customer experience that also saves the business money.

Working together, our Professional Service team will help you create a strategic implementation and deployment plan that is quick and efficient. This results in a faster return on investment. By engaging with you from the very beginning, we learn about your workflow and processes to understand what brings impactful results to your business.


IVR is a way to automate an interaction that takes place over the phone. IVR has become a part of our daily. It's typically the first interaction we have with a company when we call them to get information about an account, order status, shipping details, etc.

IVR allows customers to direct themselves through an automated call routing process to get the information they need quickly and efficiently when it's most convenient to them.

Conversational AI & IVAs

IVR with conversational AI allows businesses to create intelligent virtual agents (IVAs) for a more personalized customer interaction. Customers can interact more naturally with these devices that recognize and understand speech through natural language processing (NLP) to quickly answer their inquiries.

IVAs with conversational AI can be trained to handle the same applications as your traditional IVR. Some examples include requests for checking account balance, claim status, order tracking, simple payments, password reset and more.

Programmatic APIs

The Plum Voice platform offers a flexible programmatic API that allows you to connect to our applications. The voice and SMS applications that are built with Plum Voice tools are able to communicate with your core software through open APIs or programmatic APIs. We offer various APIs for rapid and easy development for outbound call flows, SMS solutions, transcription and other uses.

Scalable IVR Systems on a Secure AI-Enabled Platform

With Plum Voice’s cloud platform, developers can choose between Plum DEV to render VXML code, or Plum Fuse low-code tool that is quick and easy to use with drag and drop capability. Both tools include VoiceTrends to track performance analytics and reporting to maintain and maximize their use through real-time information. Add Plum SecureAssistant or Plum Insight to the package, and you have secure payment and survey options to better support customer experience programs.

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Security Shield

Security & Compliance

No matter what type of sensitive data - healthcare, financial, etc. - you are sharing, our platform complies with the highest security standards.

We’ve gone through rigorous audits to achieve PCI-DSS, SOC2, and HIPAA compliance. We’re also a Visa Verified vendor.


Analytics & Optimization

On average, it costs about $5 per call for a live agent to answer as compared to pennies on the dollar for an IVR enhanced with an IVA.

Maximize ROI with Plum's analytics tools to identify trouble areas and then optimize your IVR to reduce call time, increase automation rates and improve caller experience.


Deployment Freedom

We're committed to delivering superior voice automation solutions. Choose from our configurable, pre-built applications in Plum Fuse, or build your own from scratch using VoiceXML coding with Plum DEV.

We provide thorough documentation and active forums to ensure that developers have the resources they need to succeed.