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Plum Fuse Release

New Template Center and White Label Capabilities

John Triano

Plum Voice announced the newest upgrades to its Plum Fuse (Fuse) tool. The Fuse upgrades include the Fuse Template Center consisting of prebuilt templates and white label capabilities for partners and resellers who want to offer it as part of their product offerings.

Boston, MA - January 23, 2023

Plum Fuse Template Center

Plum Fuse users now have access to a library of prebuilt templates for voice applications in the Fuse Template Center. With over 37 templates available for immediate use, and more in development, users can choose the appropriate template to build a voice application for their business needs, then customize it to be unique to their brand and business operations. Templates are easily sorted by industry or searchable by application name.

Templates serve a valuable purpose. They are good examples of best practices for building voice applications. Utilizing templates at the beginning of the development process saves developers and users significant time in building applications. Much of the heavy lifting for coding, logic and workflow has been worked out for quick development and implementation. This enables more productive and efficient use of employee time and reduces the associated expenses tied to development, coding and testing.

The Fuse Template Center is available to subscribers of the Plum Fuse tool on the Plum Voice Platform. To access the Template Center, a subscriber simply logins to their Plum Fuse account and clicks the orange “Templates” button in the upper right corner. From there, a user can search or filter to find a template and begin creating their application.

White Label the Plum Fuse Tool

Included in this Fuse release, Plum Voice partners and resellers now have the ability to brand their own Plum Fuse instance for resale. This enables them to grow their product offering for increased revenue while providing more business automation options to their customers.

Support features for Fuse white label instances include:

  • Domain redirection allows a domain pointer to direct users to the partner’s website. This means that users of a white label version of Fuse will see the partner’s URL in the domain instead of “” for a seamless experience.
  • BYOC (Bring Your Own Carrier) capability has been added to Fuse which allows partners to use their current telecommunications service provider for easy SIP integration.
  • Customer account management functionality allows partners to create, edit and delete accounts and users as needed.
  • Branding capabilities allow the partner to add their logo and color palette.  Brand guidelines, or a style guide, must be submitted to Plum Voice for creation of the customized look.

With the white label capabilities in the Plum Fuse release, we believe that this product will help our valued partners and resellers to grow and expand their businesses by offering a low-code, GUI tool to enhance their product set”

Matt Ervin, Plum Voice founder and CEO

Partners and resellers who are interested in adding a white label version of Fuse to their product offering should contact business development or account management to get started.

To learn more about the Fuse upgrade, please visit the Fuse product page or the Fuse Docs Center.

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