Super cool circles!
Super cool circles!

Plum Voice

The leading independent IVR company.

IVR in the Cloud

More options, more uptime, more support.

Plum Surveys

Reach more respondents. Collect actionable feedback from any device.

Integrated Onsite Systems

High-performance systems for high-volume contact centers.

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Plum DEV

Powerful, flexible, secure, and stable. Harness the most robust voice communications platform available with the full capabilities of VoiceXML, SMS and advanced call analytics.

Plum Fuse

Unify your company's communications with Plum Fuse: it’s easy to use because of its innovative drag-and-drop user interface and it's easy to manage because it's powered by the Plum Cloud.

Plum Survey

A supercharged survey platform for all of today’s communication mediums. Plum Survey goes beyond the typical. It’s the original design once, deploy anywhere survey platform. With its unique yet familiar authoring tool, you can easily create surveys for nearly any data collection mode—phone, web, mobile, social media.

Plum iOn

Colocated at your site, on your infrastructure, and managed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by Plum engineers, Plum iOn is your dedicated server running a local instance of the Plum DEV toolset.

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Plum DEV voicexml platform

Plum DEV

Write VoiceXML applications incorporating SMS, automatic speech recognition, and speech synthesis. Refine your application with sophisticated call analytics.

Plum Fuse visual IVR builder

Plum Fuse

Leave the code behind. Construct voice applications with a visual drag-and-drop editor that runs in your web browser.

Plum Survey IVR polling platform

Plum Survey

Create and disseminate surveys to anyone anywhere on any device. Analyze the results immediately with intuitive reporting tools.

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Plum Passes AT 101 Standards thr

Plum Voice just completed a SOC 2 audit for the period from April 1, 2014 to June 30, 2014. This audit was an examination of the suitability of the design and operating effectiveness of controls to me


Credit Card Transactions and Fraud Infographic

Share This: In the past we’ve written about the security of different payment methods more from the perspective of a customer concerned about keeping their personal