Plum Fuse and VoiceTrends Tools Updated

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Plum Fuse and VoiceTrends Tools Updated

Enhanced database integration and user features

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Plum Voice unveiled the latest Plum Fuse (Fuse) updates to enhance its quick and easy integration processes with Google Dialogflow, Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon S3.

Boston, MA - September 13, 2022

Plum Fuse Integrations

Plum Voice users can set up their own dialog flows with Dialogflow, a conversational AI tool with state-of-the-art IVAs. If users already use Dialogflow agents to meet their other business needs (like a chatbot), they can now enhance their voice applications (e.g. IVR) with that same technology. Users can create dialog flow via self-service with personalized conversational AI workflows to meet business needs in hours, not days. This enables cost savings for those who work in-house.

The Fuse application is directly integrated with AWS's database service, Amazon DynamoDB. Since Fuse is PCI- and HIPAA-compliant, Plum Voice can’t store customer data on their networks, so DynamoDB is an easy solution to provide users with a secure database. This integration allows less technical users easy access to a secure database, and compliance lies with AWS for data protection. Users can use an existing AWS database, or the Plum Voice professional services team can assist in setting one up. DynamoDB easily connects with the Plum Voice platform to gain access to all Plum tools and allows users to pull or dump the data collected over the phone into its database. AWS shops don't need to build a rest service (connection to a backend service) to utilize this integration.

This Fuse module has direct integration with Amazon S3 storage service. Users can easily upload call recordings to their own S3 storage bucket. S3 integration is used for storing call recording audio (VM collection or survey feedback voice data collection) and can be used with call recording and record modules. This is an alternate option for storing recordings, since Plum Voice doesn’t store customer data or recordings

The “My Account” Page within the Fuse product is now organized by tabs instead of a bulky accordion. Users can navigate between their user settings and account preferences more quickly and scroll less between categories. Tabs have also been added for setting up and managing integrations with Google Dialogflow, Amazon DynamoDB and AWS S3 Cloud Storage.

VoiceTrends Update

VoiceTrends has been updated to separate customer account information for reporting and billing purposes. The new report is broken out by phone numbers (instead of by day) to make it easier to sort and collate data for each customer. The report generates a CSV file as either (1) Export CSV: Data is sorted by date or (2) Export Totals CSV: Data is sorted by phone number to be viewed and edited with Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or other spreadsheet software. To learn more, go to Call Volume Raw Data in Docs.

As a top-provider of voice automation services, including interactive voice response (IVR) and intelligent virtual agents (IVAs) applications, Plum Voice is committed to delivering an excellent user experience.

About Plum Voice:

Plum Voice offers a programmable and secure cloud environment that brings together a wide range of telecom, AI and dialog management technologies to power intelligent virtual agent (IVA) digital workforces. These technologies meet or exceed security requirements for standards like PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and SOC2. Plum Voice offers programmable APIs and configurable GUI interfaces that enable the fusion of various best-in-class AI engines for the creation of secure, engaging and reliable phone applications, modernized interactive voice response systems (IVR), dynamic messaging and IVA solutions.

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