Migrating IVR to the Cloud

Benefits of migrating an IVR system from on-premise to the cloud

On-Premise to the Cloud

Migrating an on-premise system to the cloud (or cloud to cloud migration) is simple. With the use of application programming interface (APIs), a business can connect their databases - CRM, billing and payments, customer data, etc. - to a cloud-based IVR system. This allows them to build applications on cloud hosted tools and maintain their databases apart from each other so that there is a layer of security to protect sensitive data.

A key to a successful migration is collaborating with a professional services team who can guide you through the operational and developmental aspects of the process. An experienced team will know how to implement the APIs and build the workflow for a quick and easy deployment, and they will be there to support you through and challenging situations that arise.

IVR Cloud Development

IVR in the Cloud vs On-Premise

On-premise interactive voice response (IVR) systems used to involve bulky hardware and complex software that take time and effort to maintain. These systems were commonplace for several decades when companies hosted their telephony systems onsite. Since 2000, IVR has transitioned to the cloud where the plaform that hose the tools and customer data are stored on the Internet.

Cloud IVR as a CPaaS Solution

Hosted IVR with a cloud platform is a communications platform as a service (CPaaS) solution which allows customers to perform self-service actions such as resetting a password, making payments, connecting with employees, rescheduling appointments, etc.

Forbes Advisor describes CPaas as a type of PaaS, or Platform as a Service. It serves as an easy way for developers to improve and integrate direct, real-time communication between users on an existing application, without the need for a separate app. A common example of CPaaS would be a chat box popping up to help you as you navigate through a website. 

By hosting voice automation tools on a cloud platform using CPaaS, businesses can automate and control customer touch points and operational processes over the Internet instead of through a complex telephony infrastructure. There isn't a need to have an on-premise private branch exchange anymore to manage inbound/outbound calls when connected to a cloud platform.

Operational Cost Savings

By utilizing cloud platforms, businesses experience significant savings in their expenditures because they don't need to build or manage on-premise IVR systems. No more hardware and software is needed to purchase. IT professionals and developers don't have to maintain these systems or stay on top of updates. IT personnel can focus on other important projects and utilize their resources more efficiently.

Benefits of Cloud Migration

IVR tools hosted on a cloud platform can power a range of voice and AI-powered applications that improve customer experiences, augment employee resources and reduce operational costs. By automating simple customer interactions with IVR applications, businesses are able to better control their self-service strategy which allows customers to retrieve information without a live agent.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Plum Voice Platform and Tools Highlights

Plum Voice has over 20 years of building and providing IVR tools and applications to support businesses of all sizes. Here are a few ways that Plum Voice stands out as a leader in voice automation technologies:

AI Fusion

Plum Voice has created AI Fusion. It's a standalone voice processing environment that can access each of the major AI engines - Nuance, Google, Amazon, IBM, Etc. - at each instance of a dialog to interpret a single utterance. Use AI Fusion to build an IVR application with conversational AI that isn't tied to one voice recognition system for a better customer experience.


Disaster Recovery

Plum Voice has 3 data centers built to the same high standards for redundancy. They are geographically dispersed to ensure no single event effects application performance.



Plum Voice’s platform is built on a fault-tolerant and scalable cloud architecture which eliminates on-site hardware and support. It is delivered over a Tier 1 telecom infrastructure with built-in redundancy and designed for 99.9% uptime of your voice applications.


Continuous Updates

Plum Voice maintains an up-to-date plaform with the latest security measures. We are always looking for the latest text-to-speech (TTS), advanced speech recognition (ASR), automation and AI technology to enhance our product offerings.


Development Options

Plum Fuse is an intuitive drag and drop, low-code, Graphical User Interface (GUI) tool that allows developers and non-technical users to create and manage interactive voice response (IVR) systems, intelligent virtual agents (IVAs) and conversational AI solutions.

Plum DEV is a VoiceXML (VXML) tool that enables developers to build interactive voice response systems (IVR), intelligent virtual agents (IVAs) and conversational AI solutions by generating their own code.

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