Transform your Business with Cloud IVR

Reliable, flexible, and secure cloud communications purpose-built for telephony and voice applications.

Typical IVR involves bulky hardware and complex software that takes so much effort to maintain there’s no time left to focus on customer experience. Plum’s cloud IVR gives you the freedom to automate and control your most critical customer touch point or business processes over the phone without having to manage complex telephony infrastructure.

Plum’s hosted IVR platform and development tools power a range of voice applications that improve customer experiences. These tools give you control over your self-service strategy and the flexibility to automate complex customer interactions with ease.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Plum features world-class security compliance, including PCI-DSS (level 1), HIPAA, SOC2, Cyber Essentials, and Visa Verified, our cloud platform is optimized to securely handle sensitive financial or medical information.


100% Uptime

Purpose-built for voice using only tier 1 telecom and featuring end-to-end redundancy, Plum’s cloud IVR platform has handled billions of calls. Our platform is so reliable that we write a 100% uptime guarantee into our SLAs.


Disaster Recovery

Three data centers, each built to the same high standards for security, fault-tolerance, and scalability, power our cloud services. They are geographically dispersed to ensure no single event affects your applications.



Plum’s cloud platform is designed with scaling in mind. No matter how many calls you expect to receive our infrastructure scales with your voice application, letting you focus on taking care of your customers.


Continuous Updates

We keep our platform up-to-date, so you don’t have to spend time and money maintaining servers on your end. That also means we support the latest text-to-speech (TTS), advanced speech recognition (ASR) technology. We also offer artificial intelligence (AI) apps, IVR analytics tools, and more.


Development Options

We offer two different development options, catering to coders and non-coders alike. Plum Fuse offers a visual call-flow editor for rapid development and deployment with no coding necessary. Plum DEV is code-based, leveraging all the power and flexibility of VoiceXML.

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