Healthcare Information at Your Fingertips with Fuse Apps

When we first created apps for our Fuse platform we looked at common use cases across all the different industries that we serve and built apps that cater to those tasks. So, while pretty much any company can use these apps, it might not be immediately obvious how a company in a given industry would use them.

This post focuses on healthcare and healthcare related companies and how they might use our account inquiry (or ‘get info’) app on Fuse. In order to protect patient/customer privacy it’s worth reiterating that Fuse is both HIPAA- and PCI-compliant so any personal health information (PHI) or financial information is secure with the account inquiry app.

Test Results

This app allows you to present patients with test results. It can be set up to fetch an audio recording attached to a specific patient and/or test record. Or, you can use a combination of pre-recorded audio and text-to-speech to read back common test results. You can easily give callers the option of connecting directly to a nurse or other healthcare provider if they have questions about their results.

Asset Locator

Medical equipment can be both specialized and expensive. Many facilities can only afford a fixed number of pieces of medical equipment. This app enables you to have an asset locator for your medical facility. Simply assign an ID to each piece of equipment and room in the facility. Providers can then call a number, input the device ID, and get the current location of a given piece of equipment.

Prescription Information

Healthcare providers, pharmacies, or even insurance companies might want to automate the dissemination of prescription information. This may include things such as callers the name of their medication, their current dosage, the number of remaining refills, or the name(s) of generic alternatives.

The account inquiry app enables you to generate as many menu options as you’d like and to connect those options to data in your backend databases.

It is also possible to integrate the inquiry app with other apps if, for instance, you wanted to provide prescription information and then enable a caller to order a prescription refill.

Billing Information

This app also lets you provide access to real-time billing information. This may include current balances, credits, or upcoming charges. You can provide information about billing practices or payment plans. Fuse also offers a payment processing app so if callers want to make a payment while they’re on the phone you can transfer them to that app seamlessly.

Appointment Information

Healthcare providers know how important it is to ensure that patients get to their appointments on time. They can set up this app as a way for patients to get information about their current appointment(s). This may include simply giving the date, time, location, and name of the provider for the callers next appointment.

If an appointment type has specific instructions, for example patients may need to bring certain items or information to their

visit, or there may be specific preparation instructions for some procedures, this app can be a repository for that information. You can customize this type of information for each caller and their appointment type.

If callers need to change an appointment or if a company wants to send patients/customers reminders about upcoming appointments, Fuse has pre-built apps designed to tackle both of those tasks as well. These apps integrate seamlessly with the account inquiry app.

Healthcare can be complex and confusing for people to navigate, but with the right technology you can give patients and customers a wealth of information through automation.

For more information on these use cases or to see how our pre-built Fuse apps can help your company, contact us today.