Reload: An Easier Approach to Prepaid Cards

It’s a common refrain uttered repeatedly about sports teams that experience continued success: they don’t rebuild, they reload. Teams like the New England Patriots, the New York Yankees, Syracuse University’s men’s lacrosse (and the Maryland women), and, until this past season, the Detroit Red Wings have all fit this bill.

In the world of prepaid cards, companies need to decide if they’re going to offer customer’s one-and-done cards or give customers a chance to reload, or top-up, their cards.

Regardless of which path prepaid companies choose, Plum offers prepaid card management solutions are quick and easy for customer and provider alike.

Customer Friendly

Not every company wants or needs to offer customers a top-up feature on their prepaid cards. But for those that do, it’s worth remembering that reloadable cards offer customers several benefits. For example, having a familiar, accessible payment source provides both convenience and peace of mind.

When it comes to actually reloading a card, companies can give their customers a choice of ways to add funds. Offering a round-the-clock option to add funds by phone is a great option. Using a pre-built voice application, like the one Plum provides with its Fuse platform, customers can easily link their prepaid card to a credit card or bank account. This makes the re-loading process fast and easy.

With optional voice biometrics for authentication and a PCI-compliant platform, customers know that their account is always safe and secure, too.

Easy to Manage

By necessity, offering a re-loadable card option requires customers to create an account. While this does generate more business processes, the nice thing is that the vast majority of those processes can be automated. That means less overhead costs for actually managing these programs.

Here, again, Plum’s solutions warrant consideration. Using voice applications designed to automate these exact types of processes reduces the amount of backend management required. This means it’s easier–and cheaper–than ever to offer a reloadable option.

Rapid Deployment

At this point, the idea of offering a great customer experience and having an easy to manage solution are probably starting to sound appealing. This begs the question of how quickly you can get everything automated, up and running, and handling customer’s needs.

With traditional IVR systems development, integration, testing, and deployment can take weeks or even months. Plum’s new Fuse platform and pre-built payments application whittles that timelines down to mere days.

While we offer a pre-built application, it’s also one that resides on our Fuse platform so you can update and customize it to fit your company’s needs. Fuse’s drag-and-drop interface puts all that power within the reach of a few mouse clicks.

As a cloud platform, we use APIs to connect to your current systems. In other words, all the heavy lifting is done for you already.

Offering customers a phone-based reloading option is a great way to provide them with the resources they need for their prepaid cards. Plum helps you ensure that that process is as simple, fast, secure, and reliable as possible.