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Healthcare Compliance Certifications with IVR

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) mandates that healthcare organizations take the protection of personal medical information seriously, but equally important is the protection of patients’ financial data. However, some medical practices may be hesitant to accepting patient bill payments through the contact center due to stringent compliance and information security specifications set forth by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS).

Healthcare IVR

With Plum SecureAssistant, bills can now be paid with confidence over the phone through interactive voice response systems (IVR). SecureAssistant totally masks the transmission of personal payment information from the phone agent, as well as from the rest of the call center’s infrastructure. This de-scopes the contact center from PCI-DSS requirements, simplifying the process of accepting payments.

Callers are able to speak to live agents over the phone, but before payment information is relayed, the agent invokes SecureAssistant, while remaining on standby. The caller provides their payment information and it is completely shielded from the agent. After the transaction is complete, SecureAssistant is disengaged, allowing the live agent to resume the call.

SecureAssistant provides clear benefits on both sides of the transaction:

Secure Healthcare Payment Solutions

  • Reduces the risk of data security breaches since financial information isn’t stored locally
  • Provides cost savings to contact centers since they are de-scoped from expensive PCI-DSS compliance requirements
  • Integrates easily with existing payment processing systems
  • Interconnects with multiple major telecom carriers, so no changes are necessary
  • Reduces average call handling time for call center agents
  • Provides developers and IT personnel of all skill levels with the tools needed to quickly and easily deploy the technology

Benefits for Callers

  • Allows callers to utilize the mobile devices they’re already comfortable with to make payments 
  • Provides confidence that their financial information will remain safe and secure
  • Saves time by integrating multiple functions into a single call (e.g., making an appointment with a live agent and paying a prior bill)
  • Provides an infrastructure for escalating to higher levels of service, when needed
  • Offers a more personal experience during the agent-assisted portion of the call versus making a payment through an IVR-exclusive system

Healthcare Payment Automation Platform | Plum Voice

When you’re ready to create a seamless customer experience for obtaining payments that balances the high-touch element of live agents with the efficiency and security of automation, check out Plum Voice SecureAssistant for your healthcare organization. For more information click below!