Virtual Payment Assistant

Plum’s Virtual Payment Agent That Conferences Into Calls to Descope Contact Centers from PCI-DSS

Over 40 billion credit card transactions are processed annually, and contact centers handle about 4 percent. There is growing pressure to improve the security of payments involving contact center agents, particularly as PCI-DSS standards become stricter and as agents increasingly work at home. 

With this growing pressure to improve the security of payments involving contact center agents, Plum Voice launched SecureAssistant, which descopes the contact center from PCI-DSS requirements while improving consumer satisfaction and providing PCI-DSS compliance in a cost-efficient manner.

More about SecureAssistant:

SecureAssistant is a PCI-compliant virtual agent that can be conferenced into calls to accept and mask sensitive payment details while the agent remains on the line to maintain a cohesive consumer experience. By masking transmission of the consumer’s payment information to the live agent or to contact center equipment such as call recorders, SecureAssistant assures that neither the agent nor any part of the contact center technology receives sensitive payment data. The contact center is therefore descoped from PCI-DSS requirements, thus creating PCI-DSS compliance for an enterprise contact center in a cost-efficient manner.

SecureAssitant can be conferenced into a phone call by a simple command from the agent. SecureAssistant then communicates with the consumer or the agent via a conversational interface, supplemented by touchtone detection for rapid input. Once SecureAssistant is invoked, the agent cannot hear sensitive information provided by the consumer such as credit card numbers, but the agent can hear and participate in the rest of the conversation. Importantly, the agent can remain on the line after payment is processed to attend to other issues. 

The Plum Voice cloud has been PCI certified since 2013, and handles millions of payment dialogs annually.

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