Best Practices for Using Plum Voice in a Crisis

The current environment caused by this global crisis is rapidly evolving, and businesses across the globe are trying to understand its impact. We know that there are particular concerns that companies like yours have.

As your partner, Plum Voice is committed to providing reliable solutions that empower you with the ability to make the best business decisions possible, given the challenges you’re faced with today. 

Below is a comprehensive list of ways you can leverage your current IVR solution to help reduce disruption during this crisis.  

Real-Time Updates

Instantly send mass updates to thousands of people for fast, efficient notifications. Whether it’s critical emergency notifications to customers or employees, schools notifications regarding closures, or onsite repair services updating customers of service schedule changes, all can be done in real-time using our voice or SMS services.

Mobile Workforce Reporting

Enable employees to quickly and easily log their hours. Reduce administrative workloads and improve data accuracy with automated voice apps.

Custom Schedule Management 

Give customers a range of appointment management options, such as scheduling, changing, and canceling appointments from anywhere using the phone.

Proactive Reminders

Send proactive reminders to customers about upcoming payments, appointments, or even payment term changes.

Internal Communications

Send company updates about internal tools to use to work from home or check status on employees. Allow employees to check their benefits or submit PTO requests using our voice or SMS platforms.

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