Case Study: Increase Payment Processing Volume and Efficiency Over the Phone with Self-Service

In theory, technology should make our lives easier. There may not be a better use for technology and automation than with manual, rote, recurring tasks and processes. In these situations, automation is like a gift from on high.

This was precisely the experience of Arrowhead General Insurance Agency. The company’s Atlanta office processed all of their customer support calls with live agents, making it very labor intensive. Over time, automating these phone calls became increasingly attractive and Arrowhead set out to find a PCI-DSS compliant solution that would allow them to automate payments.

Arrowhead tapped the professionals at Plum Voice to help design an efficient call flow and to build their voice application on the Plum DEV platform. It didn’t take long for Arrowhead to experience the positive effects of automation.

The company now has eight phone lines feeding their self-service application, which has freed up customer service representatives to focus on more complex customer inquiries. Having a self-service application also affected hold times, which decreased significantly. This meant that not only could Arrowhead help more customers, but they could do so more quickly than they had before opting for automation. The result was a jump in customer satisfaction.

Since adopting Plum technology the volume of business in Arrowhead’s Atlanta office has more than doubled. However, the company has not had to scale the number of CSRs needed to handle this increased volume.

Get even more details about how Arrowhead uses Plum Voice communications technology by reading the complete case study.