AI: Is it Something You Want or Something You Need?

Why is it that everyone talks about hype cycles, but never about adoption, or implementation, or deployment cycles? Perhaps it’s that ‘hype’ is a sexier term that connotes a sense of progress and possibility. It seems like pragmatism is always in short supply within a given hype cycle. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is, and will likely… Read More

Actionable Uses for Conversational IVR-generated Data

Get More from Conversational IVR Conversational IVR is shaping up to be the next major shift in voice communications. It’s easy to understand why. Conversational IVR speeds up customer interactions over the phone, it’s intuitive and simple to use, and helps to deliver positive customer experiences. This customer-centric view is both appealing and valuable to… Read More

IVR and CCPA: Easy Access to Digital Privacy Management

The California Consumer Privacy Act Data privacy and security is an ever-present concern in our increasingly digital lives. Recently, the state of California took legislative measures to ensure that consumers have greater control over their data by passing the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which goes into effect on January 1, 2020. Naturally, this begs… Read More

The Blacklist – Secure Your IVR from Unwanted Threats

There’s been a lot of chatter recently about robocalls and how annoying and bothersome they are. No doubt you’ve experienced these in your own right. And while these unwanted phone calls are bad enough for an individual, imagine a company having to deal with a constant barrage of unwanted phone calls from fraudsters and other… Read More